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Being the church in tough times: Bishop Thomas Bickerton

When we find ourselves in difficult times, we can sometimes lose heart. We see the problems ahead as not just trying, but insurmountable.

When we remember who we are and whose we are, however, we begin to view challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities to follow God into the future.

In these video clips excerpted from his August 2022 President's Address to The United Methodist Council of Bishops, Bishop Thomas Bickerton uses the story of Moses to remind us that we are not called to trust our own strength and abilities. Rather, we are to trust God to equip us for the work to which the Lord has called us in the world. Bishop Bickerton reminds us of who we have been as The United Methodist Church—serving God and neighbor together. And he asks us dream about what we want for our Church in the future.

Through the Storm

In the midst of difficult times, The United Methodist Church is there to share a word of hope and offer a hand of help. Through tornadoes, hurricanes, refugee crises, wars and more, our church has responded. Although we, like Moses, may not always feel up to the task, we trust God to equip us as we participate in the Lord's work in the world.

A Call to All United Methodists

“I want to call upon … the entirety of United Methodism today to begin to make a pivot,” Bishop Bickerton begins. “I believe that it’s time … to initiate a conversation about what it is we want and dream about as a church moving forward. What do we see as the next expression of Methodism? What kind of church do we envision in the ongoing United Methodist Church?”

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