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A Must See: Wesleys Take the Web

The Wesleys Take the Web is an animated series that imagines Methodism's founders with modern tools for evangelism. Go behind the scenes and hear from the cartoonist, animator, and the voice actors who bring John and Charles Wesley to life in the digital age.

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Charles Wesley: "Hey brother, what are you up to?

Josh Childs: "I only play people named Charles or Chuck."

Josh Childs: "Everybody knows about my brother but not everyone knows about me."

Henry Haggard: "Pay very close attention to everything I say and try not to let Charles muddy it up."

Charlie Baber "Everybody who is used to a very stuffy John and Charles Wesley might be a little surprised to see how relaxed they are."

Jonathan Richter: "It's not just about Methodist history, it's about cuisine."

John Wesley: "Maybe later Charles."

Henry Haggard: "You have to watch this because the animation is brilliant, it's awesome."

Chuck Long: "I've already watched it like four times, just because I wanted to see it again."

Royya James: "I think it's eye-catching. For social media, it's very short. It left a lasting impression."

The Rev. Ryan Dunn: "It's a great re-telling, a fun way to look at John and Charles Wesley."

Chuck Long: "When you think about telling the history of a church in three minutes, that's pretty daunting."

Charlie Baber: "My gramma's gonna be sharing it with everybody." (laughs)


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This video was first posted on August 10, 2018.

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