Give Love Missionary Conversations

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For Advent 2020, Get Your Spirit in Shape and The United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries have again partnered to bring you some special conversations. 

Each week of Advent, we will share a conversation with those who are serving in a variety of places in amazing ways. This year you will meet a community organizer serving in Philadelphia, a youth worker in Liberia, an agriculturalist in Zambia, and a couple serving as a physician and dietician in Kathmandu! You will be inspired by their love of God and neighbor, and their faithfulness to the work to which God has called each of them.

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Remember, another conversation will be added to the Give Love series Fridays, 11/27, 12/4, 11, & 18. 

Give Love

Ben Lasley is a Global Missions Fellow serving as a community organizer in Philadelphia. Photo by Ben Lasley.


Activated faith: Give Love 2020

Live beginning 11/27: Ben Lasley talks about how working as a missionary has helped "activate my faith."

Lily Maijama'a is a Global Missions Fellow with the General Board of Global Ministries serving the West Africa Initiative of Liberia. Photo by Global Ministries.


Making Connections: Give Love 2020

Live beginning 12/4: Lily Maijama'a talks about making connections with people inside and outside the church.


LIsten for Love 2019

Other Missionary conversations