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What's your hope: Compass podcast episode 37

What's providing you with some hope and inspiration right now? Pierce and Ryan share current and future hopes amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.


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Episode Notes:

Pierce talked about Canoeing the Mountains by Tod E. Bolsinger. You can more about the book here

The article Pierce mentioned pertaining surviving a blizzard or an ice age was actually written in part by Andy Crouch (though Andrew Root writes good stuff, too). Andy Crouch co-wrote an article about leadership in this time of change along with Kurt Keilhacker and Dave Blanchard. You can view it (and hear a related podcast) on Medium

Pierce also mentioned the book How to Pray by Pete Greig.

Both Ryan and Pierce mentioned the contemplative practice of Lectio Divina. Ryan actually did a video tutorial on the practice

The app through which Ryan receives daily scripture readings is called the Daily Prayer app. The app provides reminders and liturgies for prayer several times a day. It's available on Apple and Android platforms. 


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