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Warm clothes for cold months


One of the biggest questions prior to the opening of the Hempstead County Closet in Hope, was how was it going to be filled.

"That was the scary part of it," Sarah Carrillo, co-coordinator for the closet, said. "People would ask us, 'Who is going to fill this house? I know this is a good idea, but I don't know if y'all are going to be able to fill a house with enough stuff."

However, despite how scary it was, Carrillo and her cousin, Angie Kidd, prayed about it and "left it in His hands."

"[God] has filled this house," Carrillo said. "There have been so many groups involved and so many donations; we are literally the hands and feet of Christ.

"Through every denomination, all the way across, it is awesome to have a common goal that everybody is working towards. It was definitely a God thing, but it was also a community thing, led by Him. It is just amazing."

The Hempstead County Closet is a nonprofit that assists families and children with clothes, necessities and other items. Kidd said it is for everyday necessity items including pajamas, warm coats, comforters, blankets, and pillows, as well as hygiene products. She said the response to the needs of children in the community has been overwhelming.

The Men's Room of the Hempstead County Closet provides
clothing to boys and men in need of a new shirt or warm jacket
for the winter. Photo provided by Angie Kidd.

The house is open to parents who are in-between jobs, foster families, or families who have been through a traumatic experience such as a house fire or other disasters. "We are doing for Him, working for Him and we are working for His children," Kidd said. "God is showing us that there is hope and love."

The building itself belongs to Spring Hill United Methodist Church and was previously used as the church's parsonage and as a rental house. Kidd, the wife of pastor Revel Kidd, said they live in the town and don't need the house.

"We needed a purpose for it and it just all went perfectly," Angie Kidd said.

Kidd said the Department of Human Services – DHS – might send a family to them or a family can contact her on their own. So far, there have been close to 60 families that have come through, and she said they have been contacted a lot more frequently as of late.

Kidd said they have also worked closely with The CALL in Hempstead County, which just opened Oct. 28.

"They are constantly in contact with DHS and finding out the needs of the children in the area," Bramlett said. "Once we are able to train our own foster families, we will use them a lot more."

"One of the best things about this closet, is that so many different churches are working together, it has been exciting," Bramlett said. "God is bringing together the churches – no matter the denomination – together to meet the needs of children."

"Seeing a child hug a T-shirt or a pair of pajamas like it is Christmas morning is pretty awesome," Carrillo said.

Sam Pierce, Featured Contributor, North Georgia AC website

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