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Student Spotlight: Adam Russell Johnson

My name is Adam Russell Johnson. I am a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I am 24 years old, and am originally from New Jersey. I am studying theater at the University here. I have been active in The United Methodist Church for my entire life. I sang in the children's choir when I was very young and went to Sunday school and continued to go to church right up until I started college in New Jersey. As I started college, I could not find a United Methodist church to attend, so I stopped going to church for two years, only going to my church at home when I visited my family.

Life brought me to Boulder, Colorado, as a student at this university and I began to seek out a church that I could again attend. I discovered the Wesley Foundation campus ministry. I attended a few Sunday services and suddenly found myself playing in the praise band. It was a joyful experience to lift up the Lord in that way. I've experienced this ministry in many iterations: Sunday services and weekday gatherings; Gospel choirs; serving those without homes; and participating in dinner group that meets on Thursdays.

I have Cerebral Palsy and face some unique challenges. I am alone now since my mother died a few years ago. The pastor and my friends at Wesley have made all the difference. I can honestly say that my life is incredible! It's so nice to say that I am active with a Christian ministry once again and I am so proud that I am a member of this Wesley Foundation in particular.

Wesley and its members practice from Monday through Saturday what we pray and preach on Sunday. It's a ministry of action, compassion, and love. That's what is so appealing about it for me. It's been a major source of support and love and light in my life, especially when I really needed it.

Adapted from Rocky Mountain AC, The Rev. Roger Wolsey

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