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Student Profile: Carmesha Blackmon

Fall semester classes began Aug. 20, but freshwoman Carmesha Denise Blackmon, a Journalism and Media Studies major, got her start at Bennett College before then.

Blackmon, of Greensboro, worked with Assistant Professor of Journalism Tom Lipscomb during the summer on various projects. The two met during Blackmon's junior year at the Bennett College Middle College.

Bennett College is one of the black colleges supported by the Black College Fund which provides financial support to maintain solid, challenging academic programs; strong faculties; and well-equipped facilities.

"I had Carmesha in a JMS class when she was a junior in high school, and she was the most reliable student in class of terms of completing her assignments," Lipscomb said. "On top of this, she connected with the mission of Bennett College. She told me that Bennett matched her 'values.' She could have gone to any college in the country, and she chose us. I believe this decision will ultimately lead her to becoming the best version of herself, and, if she works at it, she will be wildly successful in her career after Bennett."

Blackmon said she was attracted to Bennett because she felt at home when she visited the Institution.

"I also felt that I would have an advantage being that I attended the Middle College and would come in with credits," Blackmon said. "I love the sisterhood at Bennett, and I love their mission and how the Bennett women carry themselves. Bennett fits my values and beliefs, and I like some of the traditions that Bennett has."

"Everything is going very well," she said. "I like the small classroom sizes and the one-on-one attention I get from professors and the fact that they always offer to help us students. Bennett also offers many opportunities. I'm constantly being pushed to seek new opportunities to better myself."

She also participates in Bennett's internship program through the Office of Career Services. She aspires to join the Pre-Alumnae Council, to work with the College's Entrepreneurship Program run by Sacha Blalock and to study abroad.

"The most fun assignment I had over the summer with Professor Lipscomb was when we did the campus tours for the College," she said. "We did some drone shots, and he recorded me talking about each building. I believe he is an awesome professor because he always seeks perfection and is good at what he does. I feel blessed to be able to work beside him to learn what he knows. He's very engaging … and everything he puts his hands on turns out to be great."

Lipscomb said Blackmon isn't afraid to ask questions and is quick to help classmates. He's not the only one noticing her talent.

"Carmesha is very smart and determined to succeed at anything she does," said Shatori Rose, a senior JMS major from Washington, D.C. "She's a leader. I'm grateful to have met such a brilliant, competent young lady."

Laurie D. Willis, Bennett College website

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