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St. Andrew UMC Diaper Drive collects 500,000th diaper

The Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot's 100% volunteer team works hard to ensure that families with babies/toddlers living in poverty in the metro Denver area have enough diapers to stay clean, dry and healthy. There are 60,000 kids below the age of 5 living at or below the poverty level in metro Denver.  With disposable diapers costing up to $100 a month (and food stamps do not cover the cost of diapers), many parents living at or below the poverty level are often forced to choose between buying food or diapers.

In order to make the diapers last longer, some kids are kept in the same diaper for a day or longer. Some families reuse wet diapers resulting in series health issues. Cloth diapers are not an option as most of these families don't have washers and dryers, and public laundromats do not allow diaper laundering. Many child care centers require parents to provide diapers for their child's stay…and without child care, many parents can't work or attend school.

In operation since 2014, the Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot collected the 500,000th diaper as part of the 43,379 diapers donated during a recent diaper drive at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Highlands Ranch, represented by Reverend Mark Feldmeir, Senior Pastor at St. Andrew UMC. IFCS staff have received thousands of diapers from RMDD since its inception in 2014. Sunday July 1, 2018.

Joan Youmans, Operations Director for the Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot, noted that "There is no red tape with us. You donate the diapers and we distribute them to 20 agencies who work with babies and toddlers living in poverty in the metro Denver area. These agencies have social workers who make sure the donated diapers get to the babies and toddlers in need."

Visit for information on hosting a diaper drive or contributing diapers or baby wipes.

Bill Youmans, Director of Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot

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