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Spiritual Gifts: Tongues

The gift of tongues is a communication gift that allows people to speak foreign languages and convey concepts they never formally studied.  People with this gift “pick up” the ability to communicate across barriers of language, culture, age, or physical limitation (some people with the gift of tongues work with the deaf or blind).  The identification of the gift of tongues as a “secret” prayer language is often misunderstood. An individual manifesting the gift in this way must always be paired with someone who has the gift of interpretation of tongues. These gifts are given for the upbuilding of the body of Christ.

Reflection questions:

● In what ways do you use your gift at home, at work, in relationships with friends?

● What other gifts best complement tongues, and enable you to increase the value and impact of your communication gifts?

● In what ways can you improve your use and knowledge of your gift?

● Where do other people see evidence of this gift in your life?

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