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Spiritual Gifts: Miracles

The gift of miracles is not about performing miracles, but about living in the miraculous reality of God’s creation. Those gifted with miracles never doubt the power and presence of God in creation, and are able to help others see and believe in God’s power. The gift of miracles does not focus on the extraordinary, but sees the miraculous in the mundane and normal. Living in the spirit of the miraculous, people see God in nature, in relationships, in kind acts, and in the power of love.

Reflection questions:

● In what ways do you use your gift at home, at work, in relationships with friends?

● What other gifts best complement miracles, and enable you to increase the value and impact of the miraculous in your life and the lives of others?

● In what ways can you develop your knowledge and understanding of the gift of miracles and share it with others?

● Where do other people see evidence of this gift in your life?

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