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Skate Church Welcomes Teens

First United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma got a new gym a few years back and skaters started showing up. In response, the congregation purchased street skating ramps and started to welcome the young people to church. Now they have Bible study and worship in the space too. 

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(Tulsa, Oklahoma) 

Joshua Harjo: "When you skate you fall a lot and when you fall a lot you learn to pick yourself up and not let that hold you down."

Kids in Tulsa, Oklahoma love this skate center, but not just because it's fun.

Joshua Harjo: "Every Sunday from 1:30 to 4, we gather around. We do a little Bible study, we talk problems, what stresses you out, and do a little prayer request. Afterwards we go and skate."

Brandon Morrow: "You don't have to come to the church setting to like be a part of Skate Church. But eventually it grows on everybody, it makes everybody a better person."

Joshua Harjo: "You can learn from the Bible, and find guidance to get the help you need and you learn to move forward. It's very therapeutic. It helps you out a lot."

Skateboarders feel welcome at the historic First United Methodist Church.

The Rev. Jessica Moffatt: "One of our skate church kids was saying, that this is really his only experience of church, and his comment was something like, 'I don't know why are churches getting such a bum rap, I think this church is just fine.'"

Joshua Harjo: "I wouldn't be at church on Sunday if it wasn't for Skate Church."

Skate church happens on Sunday afternoons at First United Methodist Church, 1115 S Boulder Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74119. 

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This video was first posted on January 16, 2019.

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