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Rust College 2015-2016 Student Named HBCU All-Star

English Fields, a junior majoring in Political Science from Corinth, Miss has been named the HBCU All Star student for the White House. Fields serves as an ambassador of the White House Initiative for Rust College. According to the Department of U.S. Education HBCU All-Star Initiative Representatives period will last approximately one year, and during this time student will serve as ambassadors of the White House Initiative at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Students will be providing outreach opportunities and communications to their fellow students about the value of education and the Initiative as a networking resource.

Through social media, personal and professional relationships with community-based organizations, student will share promising and proven practices that support opportunities for all young people to realize their educational and career potential. The program will provide an opportunity to participate in regional and national events, along with, web chats with Initiative staff and other professionals from a wide range of disciplines that support a spirit of engagement and personal and professional development.

Out of 500 applicants applied, English Fields was chosen to be one out of 83 students as the HBCU White House Initiative All-Stars. Fields quoted "The summer of 2015 I applied for the White House Initiative on HBCUs as an ambassador for Rust College. By faith my application was submitted late, with not a promise that it would even be considered among the 500 applicants. In August I received an email from the Initiative stating that over 500 applicants applied, 83 were chosen, and out of the 83, I was chosen to be Rust College's ambassador. I later discovered that only 3 Rust College, Social Science majoring students had applied for this position Fields stated".

The group of All-Stars participated in last year's White House HBCU Week Conference in September 2015 as well as various national events and web chats with WHIHBCU staff and professionals from a range of disciplines. "The experience on becoming an HBCU All-Star is humbling. Never in a million years would I have dreamed of representing Rust College on a national platform such as this. I can honestly say being a White House Initiative for HBCUs All Star ambassador for Rust College….One moment I will never forget".

Adapted, Rust College website

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