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Remembering Steve Austin: Compass Podcast

Steve Austin on the Compass Podcast
Steve Austin on the Compass Podcast

Steve is one of the few people we’ve talked with multiple times on the Compass Podcast. He just had so many great things to say. Steve also contributed to our Rethink Church blog, offering an important voice at the intersection of mental health, self care and spirituality.

We were shocked to learn of Steve's passing. If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts, please talk with someone. One of the places Steve recommended was National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 800.273. (TALK). Those of us who care for Steve don’t want the nature of his death to be what he’s remembered for. He needs to be remembered for all the good he did, for all the help and laughter he brought. So we’re going to let Steve have the last word on this.


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Steve's recommended mental health resources.

Help Steve's family through a GoFundMe. 

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