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All of us go through times where we struggle with life's challenges.

In a troubled relationship. Out of a job. At the end of your financial rope. Perhaps you're worried about your kids. Or your aging parents. Or a friend with a drug or alcohol problem.

You may feel like you are at your breaking point. You're not alone. If you're looking for a helping hand or someone willing to listen and offer prayer, the people of The United Methodist Church in your area are ready to help.

Many of our churches offer counseling, food pantries, clothes closets, assistance with utility bills and other services. If they can't meet your immediate needs, they can connect you with other resources or organizations in your area.

Find a United Methodist Church near you

Start by finding a church in your area. Enter your zip code and choose the ministries you need (optional) for a list of churches and their contact information.

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If you can't find a church in your area or if you have more questions, email InfoServ.

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