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It's Official, I Have The Keys!

Today, Sandra Davis is a new home owner. She shares her story of overcoming the struggle of addiction, how God helped her through and seeing bigger and brighter things for her future.

Here's her story:

A lot of people say where God has brought them from. God dug me out of the mud. Coming to Better Community Development's Hoover Treatment Center changed my life. I am grateful for Rev. Robinson and the program. It has been proven that the 12 steps work. The Big book says, "Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path." I knew I didn't want to go back to the streets. My mother prayed for me [and] I got a sponsor. She [the sponsor] walked me through the twelve steps. I didn't want to face who I was. In working the 12 steps, my sponsor helped become a person I love. God told me if you take one step, I'll take two. I just did what the Lord told me to do and He blessed me. He put people in my life to lead me in the right direction. I stuck with the winners, people who were living a sober life. I held on to the promises of God and every day waking up clean and sober. All I had to do was want it [a sober life] and accept who I was. I lived by the Big Book and I learned to be a better person.

I learned about BCD's Homebuyer Program through Monte Payne, a group facilitator at the Hoover Treatment Center. He encouraged me and opened my mind to homeownership. After two years of living with someone else, I got my own apartment because I didn't want to keep asking people to fix things. I worked two jobs and set goals. It took me two years to take the homebuyer class. After taking the class, Ruth Jones and Charles Vann (Former Homebuyer Counselors) showed me a house and I knew by faith it was mine. I told them, "This is my house." I went through the process of all of the paperwork and obstacles. No matter what I was going through, I kept thanking God and I never stopped.

Darryl Swinton was great in helping me close. After everything had cleared and anticipating the day I would get my keys to my new home, I received a call from the Lender/Title company telling me that I would not be able to close. I was devastated. After all of the work and waiting and now on the last day, I had to wait, again! I called Darryl Swinton and he reassured me that it would happen. I was so worried that I would have to wait, Again! Two nerve wrecking hours passed. He called me and boom...we closed that day! After going through the process of closing, I felt blessed that it was official. I received my keys. I feel great  and love my new home.

Adapted, Songhai Nelson, Communications Specialist, Empowerment Center|Better Community Development, Inc

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