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Hulapalooza celebrates Abundant Health around the world

Using their hand-made hula-hoops, participants, including this young girl, join in on a friendly competition to see who could hula-hoop the longest.
Using their hand-made hula-hoops, participants, including this young girl, join in on a friendly competition to see who could hula-hoop the longest.

April 6, 2018

ATLANTA -- On April 7, at locations across the globe, United Methodists will pick up their hula-hoops and jump into Hulapalooza, a multifaceted campaign aimed at encouraging healthy living. Centered on a hula-hoop theme, Hulapalooza celebrates healthy living in an easily adaptable way to fit the needs or focus of any local church. Events to launch this denomination-wide initiative are being held in New York, Rock Hill, S.C., Berlin and locations throughout Zimbabwe; the April 7 launch date coincides with World Health Day

Believing that health and wholeness are spiritual matters, The United Methodist Church has developed a global health initiative called Abundant Health as part of God's calling to be in the ministry of healing. Not bound to one dimension or facet, this program involves health initiatives encompassing mind, body and spirit.

"Focusing on our health benefits us in many different ways," says Marie C. King, of St. John's United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. "If we're not healthy enough to get out and walk, we're not healthy enough to come to worship … or to be involved in the community and socialize with each other."

In preparation for the Abundant Health and Hulapalooza launch, on March 17, Global Ministries joined in partnership with the North Georgia Annual Conference for a UMC Day of Health. While at the UMC Day of Health, United Methodists got a sneak peek at Hulapalooza, were participants made their own hula-hoops, engaged in "hula-hoop-a-thons" and played games centered around hula-hoops.

Hula-hooping and the circle of life

Churches can boost awareness of health-related needs in the community by hosting a Hulapalooza event. They can also promote Abundant Health through inviting congregants and their local community to improve health and wholeness. Churches are encouraged to use Hulapalooza to celebrate current health programs or to start new ones centered on the passions of the congregation.

"Hulapalooza is a fun way to get people moving and talking about health and wholeness," notes Dr. Olusimbo Ige, executive director of Global Ministries' Global Health unit. "Hulapalooza will get us moving, laughing and coming together, all in line with our emphasis on mind, body, spirit. We are also using this to spread the word about the United Methodist movement to promote Abundant Health for all."

Hula-hoops around the world

Hula-hoops are recognized around the world as a symbol for fun and games. People everywhere, regardless of age, can participate in hula-hoop fun. To help launch this new campaign, United Methodist churches in different countries are hosting Hulapalooza, including the United States, Germany and Zimbabwe.

Get moving for Abundant Health

You can celebrate health and wholeness. Why not host a Hulapalooza event at your church? Hula-hooping doesn't require special skills and requires no previous experience.

Learn more about hosting a Hulapalooza event for your church and community by going to Abundant Health's website, where you will find many resources to plan your church's Hulapalooza event, including how-to guides, games and activities as well as downloadable artwork and graphics.

Share your Hulapalooza fun with us. Send photos, videos and stories to Global Ministries' health education specialist, Ashley Jester. ([email protected])

Learn more about the United Methodist Church's Abundant Health initiative at

By Bella Simonetti
Global Ministries
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United Methodist Communications
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