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How Choir Music Shapes Faith

God gives each of us spiritual gifts to help share the Gospel in different ways. For some children, discovering a gift for music can be a first step in a life-long faith journey.

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(Nashville, Tennessee)

Sophia Scheel: "I like to sing because it makes me happy."

Charles Heimermann: "This choir is very talented."

Sophia Scheel: "God gave us talents and he wants us to use them."

Elisa Worth: "I like that I can lead people in worship through the choir."

Josh Moore, Pennington United Methodist Church: "As United Methodists the music is a major part of the worship. You can worship without saying a single word."

Charles Heimermann, Pennington United Methodist Church: "My name is Charles. I'm the music director at Pennington United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. I grew up singing in church, and I want to give that experience to these kids."

He also leads the ecumenical Hiemermann Children's Choir to help girls and boys develop their vocal talents.

Elisa Worth: "Just the whole experience of the choir, it's really shaped my faith. I got the opportunity to sing a solo. I didn't think I would be able to sing, but when I did sing it was smooth and I had the air. But that air wasn't my own air, it was the Holy Spirit, and I think that was the first time I really understood who the Holy Spirit was."

Katie McCann: "I do think it comes with responsibility for leading people in words that are using to focus on God."

Heimermann to choir: "One, two three."

Charles Heimermann: "A lot of times without music we have a hard time opening up and being receptive."

Charles Heimermann: "It's an emotional thing."

Josh Moore: "I'm just surrounded by this glorious sound. It just does something to you. It send chills up the back of your neck, the hair on your arms stands on end and it just takes you to new different plane. Just be lost in the music."


Charles Heimermann who is the Director of Music Ministries for Pennington United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee also founded the Hiemermann Children's Choir.

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This video was first posted on December 11, 2018.

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