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Hope for Young People in Honduras

Ciudad España, Honduras, is a community of approximately 10,000 people. The town was built with the government's support after Hurricane Mitch destroyed much of Honduras back in the late 1990s. Ciudad España, suffers excessive levels of migration due to organized crime and other economic factors; a severe lack of industry incentives and no developing aid, coming from the local Tegucigalpa government, has driven this crisis.

Prior to 2014, there was no secondary education in Ciudad España. Students had to either travel 45 minutes by bus to the city of Tegucigalpa (oftentimes a dangerous trip) or if they couldn't afford it, had no educational opportunities past the seventh grade. This led to teens joining gangs or working at a manual labor position due to no secondary education.

Map of Honduras.

Despite these often-bleak realities, hope can be seen in the eyes of the young people. One very prominent glimmer of hope can be found on the top of a small mountain, a fort-like structure that offers shelter to the community's young people. The Cristo Resucitado United Methodist Church hosts a school, the Juan Wesley School, (Advance #3022280) which offers opportunities to approximately 400 children and youth.

The curriculum includes a high-tech computer lab, English as a second language classes as part of the core curriculum, and it also offers physical education opportunities and classes on responsible citizenship. The goal of the program is to improve the economic condition in Ciudad España. To keep children and youth out of gangs. To stem the tide of Hondurans fleeing the country due to lack of opportunities or violence. The education that Juan Wesley School provides equips students so that they can compete in the job market. The school is bringing about love and grace and transformational hope within this community.

Consider supporting ADVANCE #3022280: Juan Wesley School Sponsoring At-Risk Youth in Honduras. Funds given to this advance offers scholarships to support the children who cannot fully cover their basic, middle and/or vocational education.

Ivy Couch,  Program Area Liaison for Global Mission Connections and Rev. Edgar Avitia, Global Area Liaison, Global Mission Connections.

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