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Heritage Sunday 2020: Through it All

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United Methodist Churches observe Heritage Sunday on Aldersgate Day (May 24), or the Sunday preceding that date. During this year 2020, our Church has experienced the health crises of a global pandemic; celebrating Easter at home due to closed church buildings; and the postponement of General Conference. The Rev. Alfred Day III, General Secretary of the General Commission on Archives and History shares a message of history and hope.

Rev. Alfred Day: “Heritage Sunday 2020 was to focus on highly anticipated divisions to our beloved Church post General Conference 2020 in Minneapolis, giving consideration to what our history might offer to “just such a time as this.” The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the special Sunday’s context but not how the denomination’s legacy will inspire, support and serve the Church in a different, now pandemic-driven “new normal” we did not expect.

The next few years of the UMC’s life will be both challenging and formative. What insight does our shared history offer to United Methodists thoughts and feelings at “just such a time as this?” What stories do we need to remember and retell? What lessons may be learned from the church's actions in past pandemics?”

Share this 20 minute sermon with your church on Heritage Sunday. Or use this abbreviated video message on your church website or via social media on Facebook and other platforms.

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This video was produced by United Methodist Communications in partnership with the General Commission on Archives and History.

This video was first posted on May 12, 2020.

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