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Glossary: United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is the not-for-profit humanitarian agency of The United Methodist Church. Since 1940 UMCOR's mission — providing relief in disaster areas, aiding refugees and confronting the challenge of world hunger and poverty — has helped to heal the hurts of humanity in nearly 100 countries.

UMCOR maintains a corps of trained disaster response specialists for quick reinforcement of national efforts and keeps a supply of relief materials in warehouses for dispatch when and where required. It also trains disaster response specialists in their own countries as part of a global ministry by a global church and works in partnership with other international agencies in order to pool resources and avoid duplicating efforts.

UMCOR provides long-term recovery as well as immediate relief. Recognizing that disasters cause disruptions that can last for years and often create permanent changes in people's lives, UMCOR works within a community to address the long-term effects of a disaster.

UMCOR receives its funding from two main sources — designated funds (from Advance projects) and undesignated funds (like the One Great Hour of Sharing offering). One hundred percent of every donation designated for a specific project in the United Methodist second mile giving program, the Advance, is used for that project. UMCOR administrative costs come from undesignated funds, like the offering. UMCOR receives no share of apportionments.

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