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Gift of Hope Scholar turns challenges into opportunities

Growing up as a preacher's kid, Becky Raines had to learn how to adapt too many changes. From a young age, Becky and her older brother moved from city to city with their parents.

Being a preacher's kid Becky remembers numerous times of being left in the church nursery with a TV and Veggie Tales while her parents went off to meetings and charge conferences.

"Moving a lot was definitely a challenge, but I got to meet a lot different people from a lot of different places, and I was blessed with a great family, and of course, many wonderful church families."

Although Becky and her family moved on numerous occasions, they still had the moral support of countless United Methodist Church families. They finally settled down in Eugene, Oregon where she was able to finish high school. Becky commends all her church families for helping to shape her as she grew up into a young woman and helping her to discover her passions.

With the help of the Gift of Hope scholarship, Raines has been able to explore her passions at St. Olaf College where she studies Theatre with a concentration in Film and Media studies. "I am interested in helping strengthen connections, either through communications job or otherwise...,"explains Becky.

The Gift of Hope Scholarship has helped Becky and her family afford college. She believes that young people are so vital to the growth of a church, which is why churches should support the United Methodist Student Day.

"It's incredible to feel that the church is also investing in you."

Life lessons that the church has instilled into Becky has followed her to college. While at school, Becky has realized the importance of religion and fellowship. She plans to make a difference in the world by using her beliefs of everyday actions. "I am trying to treat every person I meet as a child of God and do what I can to bring God's kingdom to Earth," exclaims Becky.

Becky Raines, preacher's kid who acquired her instilled values, is using them to better this world.

"God calls us to serve people and represent God's love all the time. It does not matter what career I choose, my faith calls me always to do justice, love everyone, and walk humbly with God."

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Parris Jackson, intern, United Methodist Communications

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