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Doctor says God called him to Sierra Leone

In early November, 2014, Dr. Martin Salia, a surgeon at the United Methodist Kissy Hospital in Sierra Leonewas diagnosed with Ebola. Kissy Hospital was closed and on November 15, a critcally ill Dr. Salia was airlifted to the U.S. for treatment. He sadly died on November 17. 

In an exclusive interview with United Methodist Communications in April, 2014, Dr. Salia talked about how important it was for him to work at a Christian hospital.


(April 5, 2014)

Dr. Martin Salia, United Methodist Kissy Hospital, Sierra Leone: "I knew it wasn't going to be rosy, but why did I decide to choose this job? I firmly believe God wanted me to do it. And I knew deep within myself. There was just something inside of me that the people of this part of Freetown needed help.

I see it as God's own desired framework for me.  I took this job not because I want to, but I firmly believe that it was a calling and that God wanted me to. That's why I strongly believe that God that has brought me here will fix whatever comes to my door, (my) way. And I'm pretty sure, I'm confident that I just need to lean on him, trust him, for whatever comes in, because he sent me here. And that's my passion."


Kissy Hospital serves one of the poorest neighborhoods in Freetown. The 60-bed United Methodist hospital is part of a larger community outreach which includes a school, an eye clinic, and a newly-updated maternal and child health facility. 

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This story was published on November 14, 2014.

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