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Did you know the UM Youth Service Fund offers funding for youth projects?

UM Youth Service Fund offers funding for youth projects?


Not only do youth give to Youth Service Fund, but any youth can apply for funding from the Youth Service Fund. These funds exist for youth who want to serve their peers and need a financial boost to get a new ministry off the ground. It is a means of stewardship education and mission support of youth within The United Methodist Church. Youth Service Fund has provided funding to youth projects for over 50 years and countless youth have benefitted from all around the world. 


The Youth Service Fund (YSF) is the national United Methodist mission fund supported by youth. Through YSF, United Methodist teens raise money for other teens doing ministry in their churches and communities impacting poverty, illiteracy, absenteeism and social justice. The Youth Service Fund is a unique ministry because it is run completely by, with and for youth. Youth contribute the money, they decide what projects receive the money, and the projects supported are youth-designed, youth-led, and youth benefited. Young people have continuously proven to be extremely generous. Youth are donating their time and effort to fundraise and using their creative energy to form projects that meet the needs of their community. Through the Youth Service Fund, youth are joining together to spread hope to their peers.

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