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Did you know the General Administration Fund supports unforeseen or emergency situations of the Church?

The General Administration Fund supports unforeseen or emergency situations of the Church?

Sometimes you just have to plan for what you can't imagine. The General Administration Fund allocation provides funding for unforeseen or emergency situations that fall within the scope of general administration called the contingency reserve. The concept of reserves is at least as old as Genesis when Joseph advised Pharaoh to set aside produce from seven good years to feed people during seven bad years, he initiated what we call today a contingency reserve. Having reserves is necessary for us to be able to carry out the ministry in really unsettled and uncertain times and be faithful to what the Church ask us to do. Because of the General Administration Fund, United Methodists are able to implement a trustworthy system of administrative oversight and fiscal accountability which helps us ensure these emergency funds are available.


The General Administration Fund is one of seven apportioned funds of The United Methodist Church. The main way we support the ministries of the church is through our apportioned funds, a method of giving that proportionally allocates the churchwide budget to conferences and local churches. The General Administration fund finances the administrative function of the denomination's general activities and is what enables The United Methodist Church to function most effectively. It provides for the expenses of the sessions of the General Conference, the Judicial Council, covers the administrative functions of the General Council on Finance and Administration, the operating costs for the General Commission on Archives and History and maintenance of historic shrines, landmarks and sites. It funds the safeguarding of our denomination's legal interests and rights and the managing of The United Methodist Foundation. The General Administration Fund was established as part of the original financial plan of the Methodist Church at its unification in 1939.

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Giving for the General Administration Fund is through your local church apportionments. Learn more about the agency that oversee The General Administration Fund General Council on Finance and Administration

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