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Devotions for Holy Week

"Peter's denial" by artist Rosana Casco
"Peter's denial" by artist Rosana Casco

Join with a different United Methodist pastor daily Monday through Saturday of Holy Week for a special devotion that will guide you through Jesus and his followers' difficult journey.

Each devotion consists of a Bible passage, a devotional thought, an idea for reflection, and a prayer.

They are also each accompanied by a work of art and links to learn more about each of the artists.

Journey with us as we prepare for a glorious Easter.

Jesus in the temple by artist Bernadette Lopez. Permission to use image granted by artist 2021 

Monday: 'Openness'

Pastor VJ Cruz-Báez of La Plaza UMC in Los Angeles, California, leads us through the story of Jesus disrupting what was happening in the Temple.
Parable of the Fruitless Tree by Alexey Pismenny

Tuesday: 'Living on purpose'

The Rev. Dr. Rod Miller of Mount Vernon Place UMC in Baltimore, Maryland, shares how Jesus addressed a tree that was all leaves and no fruit.
Woman anoints Jesus' feet by Woonbo Kim Ki-chang (1914-2001)

Wednesday: 'Reckless extravagance'

The Rev. Dr. Donna Fowler-Marchant, an elder in the North Carolina Conference currently serving in the Methodist Church in Britain reflects on the gift shared by the woman who anoints Jesus.
Peter's denial by artist Rosana Casco

Holy Thursday: 'Denial & forgiveness'

The Rev. Jonathan Tullos, Pastor of Salem UMC and Pleasant Hill UMC in Lucedale, Mississippi, reminds us that Peter's denial is not the end of his story as a follower of Jesus.
Torn by Mike Moyers. Permission for use granted by artist, 2021.

Good Friday: 'Ends & beginnings'

The Rev. Dr. Hannah Ka, Pastor of Discipleship at First UMC in San Diego, California, teaches how what looks like an ending may actually be the beginning of something new.
Mary Magdalene discovering the empty tomb by Herschel Pollard, Ph.D. Permission granted for use by artist, 2021. Pollard is a former staff member of the Television Radio and Film Commission of the Methodist Church, a predecessor agency to United Methodist Communications.

Holy Saturday: 'Tarrying Together'

The Rev. Dr. Tori C. Butler, Lead Pastor of Good Hope Union UMC in Silver Spring, Maryland, and one of the authors of I'm Black. I'm Christian. I'm Methodist. reflects on how sharing our grief can lead us toward resurrection.

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