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Designated Giving

In addition to supporting conference and general church apportionments, each of us has the opportunity to make gifts to specific ministries. One-hundred percent of your gifts to these designated giving opportunities go to the selected project. No administrative costs are deducted.

This is often referred to as "second-mile giving" because, in The United Methodist Church, the "first mile" is for local churches to fulfill their World Service and other apportioned funds and conference benevolence commitments.

Opportunities for second-mile giving include:

The Advance

The Advance for Christ and His Church is an official United Methodist program for voluntary financial giving. Through the Advance, United Methodist individuals and groups support specific, approved mission programs or personnel with their financial gifts. 

Emergency Response

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is the not-for-profit humanitarian agency of The United Methodist Church. Founded in 1940, UMCOR's mission is to alleviate human suffering—whether caused by war, conflict or natural disaster—with open minds and hearts to all people. 

World Service Specials

Through World Service Special Gifts, local churches and individuals may contribute to approved projects of World Service agencies that do not receive Advance funding. 

Special Appeals

Most disaster relief work and funding takes place through ongoing ministry. UMCOR enters into a disaster at the request of the resident bishop or church partner. The request may be for financial or material resources, technical assistance, volunteers or any combination of resources.

Sometimes, however, typical methods of disaster response financing are inadequate. In these situations, special area/conference emergency appeals are issued. A churchwide appeal may be issued. This is the only situation in which UMCOR can address the issues of church property in disasters.

Since 1992, several churchwide appeals have been launched. These include 1992 Hurricane Andrew, 1993 Midwest Floods, 1995 Appeal and Campaign for Africa, 1997 Upper Midwest Floods, 1998 Hurricanes (hurricanes Mitch and George), 1999 Hurricane Floyd, and 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

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