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Committed to The UMC: Annual Conference connections

Ministries within your annual conference are the best places to find the resources and support you need to remain committed to The United Methodist Church. 

The following links are intended to be starting places to assist in your journey. If you find an error or would like further assistance, please email us

Find more resources and support at

United States Jurisdictions

Central Conference Episcopal Areas

North Central

Dakotas: #BeDakotasUMC

East Ohio: #BeUMC in the EOC

      Lighthouse churches

Illinois Great Rivers: BeUMC

IndianaStart here

Iowa: #BeUMC

    Oasis Network

Michigan: The Future of The UMC

Minnesota: Where We're Headed

Northern Illinois: #BeUMC

West OhioProud To #BeUMC

Stay United Methodist

North Star Congregations

Wisconsin: #BeUMC


Baltimore-Washington: FAQ

Eastern Pennsylvania: EPA Covenanting Process

Greater New Jersey: The GNJ Way Forward

New England: Vision Forward

New York: Connectional Ministries

Peninsula-Delaware: Discerning Our Future

Susquehanna: Staying UMC

Upper New York: Connectional Ministries

West Virginia: New Places ● New People

Western Pennsylvania: Staying UMC

             Lighthouse Congregations

South Central


Central Texas: #StayUMC

Great PlainsBeUMC

Louisiana: Staying

Missouri: Continuing UMC

New Mexico: Belong UMC

North TexasStill United

Northwest TexasRemaining UMC

Missional Online Church (worship)

OklahomaConnectional Ministries

The Gathering (online worship)

Oklahoma Indian Missionary: Contact

Rio Texas: WeAreUMC

TexasStaying UMC

That We May Be One

OASIS Network (Northwest District)


Alabama-West FloridaCelebrate UMC

Retain membership on the General Church Roll                 

Central Appalachian Missionary (formerly Red Bird): Bishop’s statement

Florida: The Continuing UMC

Holston: FAQs

Kentucky: Stay UMC

Mississippi: Lighthouse Congregations

     Stay UMC

North AlabamaMoving Forward Together

North CarolinaContinuing in The United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Collective (worship)

North Georgia: BeUMC

           Lighthouse Congregations

South Carolina: Engaging Possibilities

Tennessee-Western Kentucky: Why I am Staying in The UMC

     Remain connected with The Vine

Virginia: UM Next Steps

Western North CarolinaRemaining UMC


Alaska: Where Love Lives

California-Nevada: Connectional Ministries

California-Pacific: Information

Desert Southwest: Vital Faith

Mountain Sky: A Table for All

Oregon-Idaho: New Start Initiative

Pacific Northwest: Innovation Vitality

Africa Episcopal Areas

Central Congo

Website | Facebook

Conferences in this area:

  • Central Congo Annual Conference
  • Kasai Annual Conference
  • West Congo Annual Conference

Côte d’Ivoire


Conferences in this area:

  • Côte d'Ivoire Annual Conference

East Africa

Conferences in this area:

East Angola

Conferences in this area:

East Congo


Conferences in this area:

  • East Congo Annual Conference
  • Kivu Provisional Annual Conference
  • Oriental and Equator Annual Conference



Conference in this area:

  • Liberia Annual Conference



Conferences in this area:



Conferences in this area:

North Katanga


Conferences in this area:

Sierra Leone


Conference in this area:

  • Sierra Leone Annual Conference

South Congo

Conferences in this area:

Western Angola


Conference in his area:



Conferences in this area:

  • East Zimbabwe Annual Conference
  • Malawi Provisional Conference
  • West Zimbabwe Annual Conference

Europe Episcopal Areas

Central and Southern Europe


Conferences in this area:

  • Austria Annual Conference
  • Bulgaria-Romania Provisional Annual Conference
  • Czechia-Slovakia Annual Conference
  • Hungary Provisional Annual Conference
  • Poland Annual Conference
  • Serbia-Macedonia Provisional Annual Conference
  • Switzerland-France-North Africa Annual Conference



Conferences in this area:

  • Central Russia Annual Conference
  • Eastern Russia and Central Asia Provisional Annual Conference
  • Northwest Russia Provisional Annual Conference
  • Southern Russia Provisional Annual Conference
  • Ukraine-Moldova Provisional Annual Conference



Conferences in this area:

  • Germany East Annual Conference
  • Germany North Annual Conference
  • Germany South Annual Conference

Nordic and Baltic


Conferences in this area:

  • Denmark Annual Conference
  • Estonia Annual Conference (includes Latvia and Lithuania Districts)
  • Finland-Finnish Provisional Annual Conference
  • Finland-Swedish Provisional Annual Conference
  • Norway Annual Conference

The Philippines Episcopal Areas



Conferences in this area:

  • Central Luzon Philippines Annual Conference
  • Hundred Islands Annual Conference
  • North Central Philippines Annual Conference
  • Northeast Luzon Philippines Annual Conference
  • Northeast Philippines Annual Conference
  • Northern Philippines Annual Conference
  • Northwest Philippines Annual Conference
  • Pangasinan Philippines Annual Conference
  • Tarlac Philippines Annual Conference



Conferences in this area:

  • Bicol Philippines Provisional Annual Conference
  • East Mindanao Philippines Annual Conference
  • Mindanao Philippines Annual Conference
  • Northwest Mindanao Philippines Annual Conference
  • Visayas Philippines Annual Conference



Conferences in this area:

  • Bulacan Philippines Annual Conference
  • Middle Philippines Annual Conference
  • Palawan Philippines Annual Conference
  • Pampango Annual Conference
  • Philippines Annual Conference Cavite
  • Quezon City Philippines Annual Conference East
  • Rizal Philippines Annual Conference East
  • South Nueva Ecija Philippines Annual Conference
  • Southern Tagalog Philippines Annual Conference East
  • Southwest Philippines Annual Conference
  • West Middle Philippines Annual Conference

Find more resources and support at

If you have edits or would like to have your annual conference ministry listed on this page, please complete our form called Committed to The UMC: Conference ministries or email us. 

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