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Church Builds House on the Corner

Every summer since 2004, Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas has been helping families become homeowners. The congregation builds a house in the church parking lot and moves it into the community with the helping hands of a thousand volunteers.

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(Plano, Texas)

The Rev. Don Underwood, Christ United Methodist Church: "People would drive by and see the house on the corner, and they pull into the parking lot and they would say, 'What's that project? It's so cool out there. I want to be involved.'"

Clyde Rupert, Christ United Methodist Church: "House on the Corner...we actually build a house on our property right here, and then we physically move it to the community to help someone who couldn't afford much more than an apartment to have a house of their own."

Recipients:  "God has used House on the Corner to change our life."

Clyde Rupert: "This project had a reputation, not just inside this church but inside this community."

Larry Rex, Christ United Methodist Church: "We built one house a summer from 2004, to last year 2017."

Don Underwood:  "In that first year we did in fact have over 1000 people, hands-on involvement."

Catina: "I was thinking this is an adventure!  We're about to go build this house."

Larry Rex: "Boy Scout troops, community groups, the police department came, the fire department came. Churches from far away heard about this."

Don Underwood: "The Muslim community here in Plano have joined us."

Clyde Rupert: "We've basically said 'Bring it on!'  You can bring it on at your church, in your community as well, as long as you have faith on the fundamental precepts that Jesus taught: Love God, love your neighbor. I can't think of a better way to love your neighbor than to build a house for them."


To learn more about House on the Corner, contact: Christ United Methodist Church, 3101 Coit Road, Plano, Texas 75075, phone (972) 596-4303.

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This video was first posted on November 13, 2018.

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