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See the Need, Meet the Need

In 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Port au Prince, Haiti, and the surrounding area. In the aftermath, many Haitians moved to Brazil for work. When the economy and government collapsed in Brazil in 2015, many of those refugees began the long journey towards the United States in hopes of reuniting with family and friends there. The asylum seekers were granted entrance, but still had no food or shelter.

Seeing the need, Christ Minister Center of San Diego responded.

Since this video was produced, circumstances have changed. The U.S. border was closed to receiving more Haitian immigrants in September of 2016. Of the 5,000 Haitians who passed through Christ Ministry Center, approximately 90% have been resettled with family or sponsors near the East Coast. Meanwhile, Christ Ministry Center and their partners continue to support an estimated 3,500 Haitian refugees in Tijuana through gifts of funds for shelter, food, diapers, and clothing. You can find more information and ways to offer your support here: