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Changing lives, building understanding: The Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe

On Trinity Sunday the first Sunday after Pentecost – United Methodists focus on peace with justice: responding to God's call for a faithful, just, disarmed and secure world.

The Peace with Justice observance includes receiving a special offering. Half of the gifts support mission projects in the annual conference where the congregation is located and half support projects around the world.

Peace with Justice offerings in 2015 provided $41,400 for grants to 15 ministries selected by the Board of Church and Society. Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe was among the recipients.

Founded in 1968, the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe (EYCE) is run fully by young people "to promote justice, peace, integrity of creation and human rights through empowerment of young people and interreligious dialogue," says Christophe Luyten, EYCE general secretary.

Funded in part by The United Methodist Church and European Youth Foundation, the council is an umbrella organization serving supporting member organizations from 24 countries and young Europeans "who are interested to join an ecumenical movement and to learn more about the shared Christian faith," says Luyten, who is from Brussels, Belgium. The ministries are located throughout the continent.

"Our goal is not to form one church structure, but to look for a means to work together in a modern and dynamically changing European society," he says. "Aspects of peace and justice program are deep in the core of work that EYCE does. We are addressing issues related to justice such as ecological justice and integrity of creation, poverty and social inclusion and human rights."

Heather Peck Travis, freelance journalist living in Glasgow, Kentucky

One of six churchwide Special Sundays with offerings of The United Methodist Church, Peace with Justice Sunday enables The United Methodist Church to have a voice in advocating for peace and justice through a broad spectrum of global programs. The special offering benefits peace with justice ministries in the annual conference and through the General Board of Church and Society.

When you give generously on Peace with Justice Sunday, you give The United Methodist Church a voice in advocating for global peace and justice. Give now.

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