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AUF Profile: Christopher A. Thomas

My name is Christopher Alawance Thomas, from Gombe state North Eastern Nigeria, I am married to Lois and God has blessed us with a son by the name Chrysolite.

I have served as Conference youth/young adult President of the Northern Nigeria Annual conference. I have spent at least 16 years working with young people from Charge, district to conference level. It was at the course of my spiritual journey working with young people that I received a call into pastoral ministry.

Now I am a second year student at Africa University Zimbabwe studying for my Bachelors of Divinity. During my work as a youth leader in Northern Nigeria, I have worked with over 250 young people in discerning their leadership calling in the Church and society through the program of International Leadership Institute (ILI). My passion is raising leaders/young people that will bring transformation within and outside the church walls.

I have a feeling and conviction that the rise, prospects and enlargement of any organization/community lies so much on the strength, ability and capacity of its leadership. I pray to see myself passionately working towards this course by the grace of God. I have passion for justice ministry in the world and I see Jesus' commission to go into the world as a call to be in ministry with all people.

I personally saw God's concern to his creatures generally in a different light than before. God has committed to humanity so much that he need not to witness what is happening in our world today. Crime, diseases, poverty, abuse, instability, broken homes and the lack of proper utilization and accountable delivery has led to several vices in our world today. I felt so challenged by our silence as individuals and congregations over many issues that affect both the Church and the society. I made a commitment to adjust as much as possible to voice out where need be or to initiate/facilitate an action that will eventually bring a difference in any community I found myself.

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