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AU Breaks ground for major infrastructure development project

Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa prays at the ground breaking ceremony for the brand new Student Union Building that was generously donated by the Highland Park United Methodist Church.
Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa prays at the ground breaking ceremony for the brand new Student Union Building that was generously donated by the Highland Park United Methodist Church.

In February this year, Africa University broke ground for a major infrastructural project that has long been at the center of the vision and determination to improve the student experience at the university. A brand new Student Union Building will be constructed within the year with funds generously donated by the Highland Park United Methodist Church that has already funded the construction of the women's hostel that is currently at an advanced stage.

"Africa University continues to grow from strength to strength and we are here today to bear testimony to that. This is indeed a great and momentous day where we congregate to give thanks to God through whom all is possible and to pray over this ground so that it is blessed and the intentions for which it is being built come to full fruition," said Mr. Stephene Chikozho, Director of Advancement and Public Affairs.

"As we acknowledge the vision, devotion and sacrifices of those people who made this hour possible, the responsibility and privilege now rest on us to cause this building to rise here. It shall be a facility devoted to student recreation and socialization," said Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa and other who were present at the ceremony.

Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa poses with students at the ground breaking ceremony of the new Student Union Building. Courtesy photo.

"It is a sacrifice for anyone to give and it is all the more incredible when that giving is unceasing. We are in awe of the work the Highland Park UMC has done to invest in our university and our cause. This is a powerful validation of what we do here as an institution. This shall be a space that our student body shall own as their outlet for creativity, a space for revitalization, a space for socialization and most importantly a space for rejuvenation in the company of fellow students from across Africa," said the Vice Chancellor.

"In the construction of this student union building, we were tasked to dream big as our school motto emboldens us to do. It is our intention to create a building of the future, one that incorporates the latest technologies to guarantee the safety of our students as they own and claim this space as their own, integrating state- of the art systems that will facilitate ease of movement, responsible use of facilities and ease of access for all…. we seek to integrate technology into our buildings to reduce their green foot print, make them energy efficient and enhance the quality and performance of our infrastructure," said Prof Furusa.

"Students are the lifeblood of our university.  We thank the university for including our students in every facet of the university administration and management creating a community where transparency and collaboration are given room to flourish. In every step of this construction process from building design, to facilities and eventually to furnishings, we have been and shall continue to be involved and heard. That is a rare and special culture that we have and we thank the university for this," says the Dean of Students, Mr. George Miti.

Jeanette Dadzie, OAPA Correspondent, Africa University

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