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AU Alumni Profile: Elizabeth Ama Boakye

For Elizabeth Boakye, one of Africa University's most important contributions to the future of the African continent is the attitude of its graduates.

"During my stay in Africa University, I met a diverse group of personalities but what struck me about almost everyone was the desire to make something great out of their lives for themselves and for the communities they come from," said Boakye. "This, I believe, is something that Africa University inculcates in its students. This kind of attitude, coupled with the knowledge gained, makes a great impact on the continent as persons with the can-do spirit go back to their communities."

To see that attitude at work, one needs only to look at Boakye and her fellow Africa University alumni in Ghana. Boakye is a lawyer who works with Law Cognate Ghana on corporate and Intellectual Property (IP) issues. She graduated from Africa University in 2010, with a master's degree in Intellectual Property. In 2013, she and eight colleagues—most of whom are Africa University graduates—founded the Intellectual Property Network Ghana.

Boakye is now the network's executive director. She describes the organization as a "think tank devoted to creating awareness in Ghana on Intellectual Property and assisting individuals and organizations to maximize their Intellectual Property assets for economic development."

Under Boakye's leadership, the network is focused on developing strategies and policies that are crucial to educating persons on Intellectual Property and harnessing local innovation for development. Ghana, has recently launched a National Intellectual Property Policy and the Network intends to work with this Policy closely in mind to achieve great results in the field of Intellectual property for Ghana.

Africa University Development Office

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