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An Eye Opening Experience: UAMS Physicians Assistants Program

Over the past two years, Better Community Development, Inc. has partnered with the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Physician Assistant Studies program to provide students with hands on experiences of working with people in the community.

Part of the Physician Assistant Studies program at UAMS includes service-learning, a structured learning experience that combines community service with preparation and student reflection.  For ten weeks, the students facilitate a group discussion with the residents of Hoover Treatment Center with a goal of establishing a safe and supportive atmosphere so that group members can explore ideas, share with others, and learn from each other.  As a part of their engagement, the students shared the following experiences:

"I enjoyed leading a group session at the Empowerment Center because it gave me a chance to see a different aspect of individuals lives that most people don't get to see on a daily basis. It opened my eyes to the struggles that many people face throughout their lives."
-- PA Student, Class of 2017

 "I really enjoyed my time at the Empowerment center because it gave me the opportunity to talk with individuals in a different setting."
-- PA Student, Class of 2017

 "I enjoyed hearing about the women's lives and hearing about their motivation for improving their lives. These women have big dreams, and I think they are all capable of achieving those. I think they had a bigger impact on me that I had on them!"
-- PA Student, Class of 2017

 "Coming to the Empowerment Center to facilitate discussions opened my eyes to the hardships that many women in the community face. I learned from the women in my group that most of them want to be heard and feel cared for. They truly want to change to lead better lives for themselves and their families. After this experience, I have a more optimistic view about providing medical care for those dealing with addictions."
-- PA Student, Class of 2017

Thank you for giving back.

Songhai Nelson, Communications Specialist, Empowerment Center|Better Community Development, Inc

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