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Alumni Profile: Roger Domah

For Roger Domah, the importance of being inclusive, open, and fair-minded in leadership was a crucial lesson he learned as a student leader at Africa University (AU). Domah enrolled in 2000 and was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education in 2004.

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As he puts it, he "really enjoyed his time at AU." While at AU, Domah led the United Methodist Student Movement, the West African Students Association, the International Students Association, and was Speaker of the Student Union Parliament.

"My ability to reach out to people beyond religious, cultural, tribal and kinship boundaries was developed at Africa University," said Domah.

"Liberia is a highly sectional society but having interacted with the diverse and inclusive population at Africa University, I understand that we all have similar dreams and aspirations, and we all desire and must be given equal opportunity and attention," he said.

In 2017, that mindset served Domah well. He sought election as a Member of Parliament and won.

"While it is true that everyone—chiefdom, clan, and town—moved to give votes to their own…I was the only candidate who received overwhelming support throughout the district," said Domah. "The secret was that I had had prior meaningful engagement with citizens across all sectors of society."

Domah serves the 7th electoral district, Nimba County, in the House of Representatives.  His priorities as a parliamentarian include improving equity in the distribution of Liberia's resources and addressing widespread corruption to ensure that Liberians have better access to education and jobs, and the chance for a stable, more prosperous future.

Andra M. Stevens, Director, Communications, Africa University Development Office

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