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#CoverTheNet on World Malaria Day

On April 25, United Methodists are encouraged to tweet, post and update their Facebook profiles with messages that raise awareness about deadly disease.   Read More

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Thanks to you, we can Imagine No Malaria

In honor of World Malaria Day, April 25, United Methodists and communities in Africa say "thanks" to all who joined the fight against this deadly disease. Read More

UMTV: Young Women of UMCOR

They are leaders at relief agency before age 40. Hear their story. "Young people are looking at us saying, 'We want to do that, too.'" View

Residents of the Gbo Chiefdom outside Bo, Sierra Leone listen during a welcome event for a mosquito net distribution by the Imagine No Malaria campaign. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Seeing Beauty in Sierra Leone

Photographer Mike DuBose reconnects with families in Sierra Leone after meeting them years ago at the launch of the Imagine No Malaria effort. View

Chuck Knows Church uses a phone to talk about annual conferences and the structure of The Church.

Chuck Knows Church: Annual Conferences

What is a church annual conference and who are the members? What about a General conference? Chuck Knows Church decodes the United Methodist Church structure. Read More

We Cancerve founder Grace Callwood and volunteer Addison Simpler hold a check from We Cancerve.

Young Cancer Survivor Cares for Kids

You could call her Amazing Grace. Despite her own illness, Grace Callwood focuses on comforting other kids who are sick or homeless. She created We Cancerve to inspire others. Read More

Child paints Easter egg.

The Importance of the Egg: Children and Easter

Experts aged five to ten and the Rev. MaryJane Pierce Norton discuss Easter eggs, "the symbol of the new life that we received in Christ."' } View

Easter Totem Pole

Easter Totem Pole

In native cultures, spiritual tradition was not only shared with words. One pastor in Alaska used wood to explain the Easter story. View

Scene from short film by Chuck Knows Church on death and resurrection

A short film about death and resurrection

In this feature, Chuck Knows Church calls all "Easter people" to think about death and the celebration we can look forward to through the Resurrection. View


The Buzz on Campus

Step back in time to the days before Facebook when young people still connected face-to-face. Quirkey’s was the cool place to watch DVDs and send email. View

The. Rev. Leo T. Fong teaches a fitness class in this 2003 file photo from UMTV.

Finding the Fu in You

UMTV presents a throwback special. Meet a United Methodist Kung Fu pastor who once studied with Bruce Lee. View

Dancers from Mandell United Methodist Church in Chicago perform at the 2011 Northern Illinois Annual Conference. Photo courtesy of the Northern Illinois Conference.

Desktop Meditation: Easter Joy

Watch and download a reflection with joyful photos of United Methodists around the world, set to music by the Africa University Choir. View

A young man participates in Stations of the Cross at Brentwood United Methodist Church near Nashville, Tennessee.

United Methodists Speak: On Lenten Sacrifice

Video could give you new ways to look at Lenten sacrifices. “What is it doing in your life? What space is it creating to be closer to God?” View

Chuck Knows Church

Chuck Knows Church: Passing of the Peace

It's a common greeting in worship, but where did the tradition of passing of the peace come from? View

Chuck Knows Church explains the significance of Pharisees and Sadducees in biblical times.

Chuck Knows Church: Pharisees and Sadducees

Who were the Pharisees and Sadducees in Jesus' day? Chuck Knows Church gives us a biblical times civics lesson. View

One short video about One Great Hour

Video answers your most pressing questions about the United Methodist Special Sunday which supports the work of UMCOR. View

Chuck Knows Church: Grace

Said at the dinner table, it also has deep theological meaning for United Methodists. Chuck explains prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace. View

Convict’s moving testimony about Kairos Prison Ministry

"I thank God for what He changed me into because I used to be a monster." United Methodists are part of the transformative work of Kairos. View

Desktop Meditation: “A Lenten Journey”

"Mini retreat" offers a personal chance to reflect on the 40 days of Lent through photos and singing of "Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown." View

Rethinking Stations of the Cross

United Methodists in Brentwood, Tennessee take a symbolic walk to Calvary to reflect on the true meaning of the Easter story. View

Eco Alternative for Palm Sunday

Harvesting palms the traditional way can harm the environment. UMCOR and partners offer a green alternative known as Eco-Palms. View

United Methodist faith leaders, other faith groups, labor leaders and immigrants face arrest after a prayer vigil at the White House in support of progress on immigration reform and an end to deportations. Washington, DC, on Feb. 17.

United Methodist Immigration Witness

Chanting "Not one more!," faith leaders, undocumented immigrants and others held a pray-in at the White House fence to call for an end to deportations. View

Humanizing the Homeless

Ingrid McIntyre, a United Methodist in Tennessee, was featured on CBS's "60 Minutes." She is a founder of Open Table Nashville, which works to end homelessness. View

The Rev. David Fison interprets the Christmas story through a 12-foot Tsimshian Indian-style totem pole he designed and carved from yellow cedar at his home in Anchorage, Alaska. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose. Photo #00-144. Accompanies UMNS story #511, 11/13/00.; A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose

Christmas Totem Pole

A United Methodist pastor carved the Christmas story into a totem pole. A raven represents the angels, and Mary and Joseph journey to Nazareth in a dugout canoe. View

Video still from Chuck Knows Church, Courtesy GBOD.

Chuck Knows Church: Bible Translations

What's your favorite Bible translation? And why are there so many translations available? This episode is a real page turner. View

Rev. Russ Breshears: Making An Old Church New

Pastor says churches need to focus on serving, not the carpet color. “The Kingdom of God is too important for silliness.” View

The beauty of a church bell choir

Video explores how 13 teens make music with 64 bells and inspire audiences at an Ohio church. “Music allows us to release baggage.” View

UMTV: Church Erases AIDS Stigma

December is AIDS Awareness Month. For 20 years, congregation has been "embracing everyone despite nationality or health issues." Read More

UMTV: Hunger-Free ZIP Code

The Rev. Adam Snell's church feeds 45 families a month but says this ministry is not just food, "It's all about relationships." View

Chuck Knows Church: Potlucks

Why are events involving food so popular in churches? Chuck explains in this episode. View

Video: UMCOR’s Response After Typhoon

"UMCOR really is the local church." Leaders talk about ways United Methodists are bringing real relief to those hit by Typhoon Haiyan. View

Video: Filipino Bishops’ Message After Typhoon

"When one part of the world suffers, other members will help." Bishops Torio, Francisco, and Juan were far from home when disaster struck. Read More