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Historic Methodist Camp is ‘God’s Square Mile’

Locals lead an exclusive video tour of one of Methodism's best kept secrets, a spiritual oasis at the beach in New Jersey. View

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Sheri Tyler Kimble shares a hug with Sean Siple during the giving of peace. Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS.

Becoming a Peacemaker: A Reflection

United Methodists are called to be peacemakers in a world of strife. This video meditation shows peacemaking is not passive, but intentional. View

Bishop John Yambasu talks about the direct efforts of the United Methodist Church to slow Ebola.

Bishop John Yambasu: United Methodist Efforts to Address Ebola

African bishop shares personal experiences of living under the danger of an Ebola outbreak. View

A sign outside FUMC of Bradley Beach in New Jersey welcomes neighbors for fellowship and worship.

New Church Style Brings New Members

Cooperative churches in Greater New Jersey Conference welcome new members who were affected by Superstorm Sandy. View

A Sierra Leonian volunteer with the Imagine No Malaria campaign checks on an insecticide treated mosquito net.

View from the Field: Conferences Imagine No Malaria

"I drove home from work the other day, 42 the amount of time I drove home, 42 children died." Hear what motivates those who fight... View

Chuck Knows Church explains the role of lay servants or lay speakers in the church.

Chuck Knows Church: Lay Servant

He or she may fill in on the pulpit or take leadership positions in the church. Chuck explains the role of a lay servant. View

James Makuac listens to Adrienne Kittos, an attorney for JFON. Image from video by Andrew Jensen.

Lost Boy finds help at Justice for Our Neighbors

He was a Lost Boy from Sudan and now faces more challenges trying to reconnect with his family. Hear how a United Methodist group is... View

Archive photo of students at Sager Brown, a school and orphanage for African- American children.

UMTV: Historic Black Haven

Former Methodist school became a hub for UMCOR volunteers, continuing a rich history of serving needs and shaping lives. View

Photo of cross at Belin Memorial United Methodist by Austin Bond Photography.

Slideshow: Crosses Across the United Methodist Connection

Take a photo pilgrimage to see crosses at United Methodist locations around the world. View

UMTV: Church’s Commitment to Troops

In 2007, a military mom started a support group with her United Methodist church. Volunteers now send care packages to 900 active duty soldiers. View

Nurses listen intently during a panel discussion at the United Methodist Church's Mercy Hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone to help prepare health care workers for a possible outbreak of the Ebola virus. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

United Methodist Health Workers Treat Ebola

“Most people who died due to Ebola died because of lack of information." The church gets facts, care to those affected by the deadly disease. View

Chuck Knows Church tells where we can find The Great Commission in the Bible

Chuck Knows Church: The Great Commission

Following his resurrection, Jesus instructed his Apostles to "Make Disciples of all Nations." Chuck tells us where we can find The Great Commission in the... View

Video image of Scouts at St. Mark's UMC in Lincoln, Nebraska as they plant flags for July 4th.

Flags and Scouts Soar at Church

It's a July 4th tradition. Neighbors in Lincoln, Nebraska love to see the 100 U.S. flags planted by Scouts at St. Mark's United Methodist. View

Young musicians play “Amazing Grace” at Christ’s Foundry United Methodist Church in Dallas.

Hispanic Church Mentors Through Music

Free guitar lessons and a chance to join the praise team attract new families to Dallas congregation. View

A Wings of the Morning Aviation Ministries airplane on a runway in Kabulo, DRC.

Aviation Ministry: Gaston Ntambo

This pilot says God called him to save lives and bring the Gospel to remote areas of the Congo. View

The pilots of United Methodist Aviation Ministries UMAM based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Congo Pilots Save Lives, Share Hope

Missionary pilots say God calls them to save lives and make disciples. View

Video image from promo about 2014 Game Changers Summit at United Methodist Communications.

Promo: Game Changers Summit

“We’re at a new point in history, the ability to communicate with virtually every person on this planet.” Learn how to be a Game... View

Rev Kevin Murriel of Cascade United Methodist Church shares best practices for discipleship.

20 Things Churches Could Do More Often

Laugh. Be real. Expect excellence. Here are 20 simple steps to a more appealing church. View

Maidstone Mulenga poses with his wife Charity and  daughters Lukonde and Mukuka. Photo courtesy of Maidstone Mulenga.

Picturing a Perfect Father’s Day

United Methodist dads talk about times they treasure with their children and what matters most to them. View

Chuck Knows Church holds stone tablets like the ones given to Moses by God with the Ten Commandments on them.

Chuck Knows Church: Ten Commandments

Chuck Knows Church tells the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Test your movie trivia knowledge at the end. View

Amputees play soccer in Sierra Leone where an UMCOR clinic makes prosthetic limbs for war amputees.

Prosthetics for Sierra Leone

A clinic is giving new hope to war amputees in Sierra Leone. Those who have lost limbs can now walk and play soccer. View

A member of Crossroads United Methodist cooks food for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

FDA Taps Church Ladies For Food Mission

Chefs prep hundreds of pounds of food that no one will ever taste. It’s all in the name of food safety and proceeds go... View

Video image shows children at United Methodist Lazy F Camp.

UMTV: Seminarian Supports Military Kids

"Kids serve too. Small programs can make a huge difference." Learn how United Methodist Lazy F Camp focuses on the children of the deployed. View

A child kicks a ball on the soccer fields of Seville Trinity United Methodist Church in Florida.

UMTV: Church Soccer Outreach

It's a net win. Learn how a Florida church used soccer to reach out to immigrants. View

Chuck Knows Church explores the history behind the United Methodist cross and flame logo.

Chuck Knows Church: United Methodist Church logo

The cross and flame is a symbol recognized around the world. Chuck Knows Church explores the origin of the United Methodist logo. View

Health worker Juliana Koroma (right) takes a blood sample from Issata Jusu for a malaria test at the Koribondo Community Health Center near Bo, Sierra Leone. Holding the child is her is her mother, Umu Koroma. At rear is health worker Ishmael Karoma. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Video Diary: Health Team Covers Sierra Leone

See activity on the ground as volunteers take life-saving nets door to door. The nationwide campaign also offers Vitamin A and de-worming medication to children. View

Chuck Knows Church talks about the book of Psalms in the Bible.

Chuck Knows Church: Psalms

There are 150 Psalms written over 5 centuries. Chuck Knows Church explores the "hymnbook of sacred scripture." View

Chuck Knows Church talks about the four principles of faith known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral.

Chuck Knows Church: Wesleyan Quadrilateral

John Wesley said the Christian faith comes down to four components. Chuck looks at this foundation of United Methodist theology. View

Parishioners sing during worship at the United Methodist church in Kortihun near Bo, Sierra Leone. Several villages in the Bo district will receive new, insecticide-treated mosquito nets from The United Methodist Church's Imagine No Malaria campaign in the first planned redistribution to replace nets given in 2010. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Nets Draw New People to Church in Sierra Leone

New United Methodist church welcomes Christians and Muslims, including tribal chief. "It is God that sent you. And it is God that supports donors who... View

Video image of Native American teen who is part of riding program in North Dakota.

Native American Teens and Tradition

A riding program is re-introducing young people to a part of their culture that has been lost in today's world. View

The United Methodist Church prepares health care workers to protect themselves from the Ebola virus.

Sierra Leone Video Diary: Ebola Outbreak

While distributing bed nets in Sierra Leone, The United Methodist Church responds to a new threat to public health. View

The Rev. Leo Fong does martial arts workouts every day.  Video image by Reed Galin.

UMTV: Kung Fu Grandmaster Pastor

Once a star of martial arts movies, 86-year-old Leo Fong still spars with people half his age and teaches 7 fitness classes a week. View

Image from video documentary, “Making the World Their Parish: The Story of Korean United Methodists.” Produced by United Methodist Communications.

History of Korean United Methodists

Documentary traces the path of Korean Methodists, from their immigration to Hawaii to the mainland of America, through rare footage and photos. Read More

A boy stands outside his home in Baima Songa village near Bo, Sierra Leone. Several villages in the Bo district will receive new, insecticide-treated mosquito nets from The United Methodist Church's Imagine No Malaria campaign in the first planned redistribution to replace nets given in 2010. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Anticipation and Appreciation for Sierra Leone Nets

People are dancing in the streets and speaking of lives saved from malaria. And more nets are on the way June 5 thanks to United Methodist... View

Members approach First Samoan United Methodist Church in Anchorage, Alaska

Samoans Find Church Home in Alaska

“That’s our gift from God, to be Samoan.” Meet some islanders who are preserving their traditions in a new locale. View