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TV Weatherman Pastor

The U.S. has seen some wild weather lately! One Maine meteorologist, who is also a minister, says the jobs require surprisingly similar skills. View

Chuck Knows Church looks for the meaning behind the symbols seen on a Chrismon Tree.

Chuck Knows Church: Chrismon Tree

Chrismon combines the words Christ and monogram. Chuck takes a look at the meaning behind the fish, crowns, Celtic crosses and other symbols on the Chrismon Tree. View

A creche from Columbia is part of the Nativity Museum at First United Methodist in Tullahoma, Tenn. Photo by Kathryn Price.

New Ways to See the Nativity Scene

Video points out small details in the familiar figures of a manger scene which give added meaning to the story of Christ's birth. View

Advent Reflection: Waiting on the Light

"Advent done well helps us center ourselves." Watch and share a meditation on how to prepare yourself for the birth of Jesus. View

Chuck talks about ways to comfort those who feel down during the Christmas holiday.

Chuck Knows Church: Blue Christmas

Some churches host a "longest night" service or "blue Christmas" to comfort those who feel alone. View

Screen grab from video courtesy of Buda United Methodist Church.

The Christmas story as told by children

Children from Buda United Methodist Church present a touching version of Jesus’ birth complete with angels, a slightly grumpy donkey and a very tiny king. Read More

Joseph leads Mary from house to house in this traditional Hispanic reenactment of Mary’s journey called Las Posadas.

Latino Christmas Journey

Posada is the Spanish word for "lodging." Some churches reenact the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem called Las Posadas View

Dr. Martin Salia, shown at United Methodist Kissy Hospital outside Freetown, Sierra Leone, in March, has tested positive for Ebola.  .The hospital was closed Nov. 11 after Salia, chief medical officer and surgeon, received the diagnosis. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Doctor says God called him to Sierra Leone

In an exclusive interview earlier this year, Dr. Martin Salia explains his drive to serve. "There was something inside of me that the people of Freetown needed help." View

Steve McKay is a TV weatherman in Bangor, Maine. He is also a United Methodist pastor.

TV Weatherman Pastor

The U.S. has seen some wild weather lately! One Maine meteorologist, who is also a minister, says the jobs require surprisingly similar skills. View

Wolfgang is a service dog for a veteran with PTSD.

For some vets, service dogs are the ‘best medicine’

Veterans dealing with PTSD say training a canine companion "provides a one-time fee for a dog, instead of a lifetime of medication." View

Pastor Jenny Smith preaches in Oct. 2012 at St. John's UMC in Anchorage, Alaska. Courtesy: St. John's UMC.

Called to Alaska: Pastor Jenny Smith

'There's a gift in the isolation.' A preacher’s kid, who found her calling as a teen, now serves in Anchorage and says the location has special blessings. View

Chuck Knows Church talks about the universal Christian symbol, the cross.

Chuck Knows Church: Cross

The cross is the best known symbol of Christianity. But why do crosses look different in some churches? View

Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, UMNS.

Prayer for Those Affected by Ebola

The Rev. Frederick Yebuah, a native of Ghana, reads a prayer he composed in response to the Ebola crisis. View

Charley Brower, the first Native Alaskan pastor appointed by the United Methodist Church.

Alaska Native Pastor

Through his photos and thoughts, Charley Brower describes serving in a remote part of the U.S. View

Children participate in a youth rally at Gurdon United Methodist Church.

New Day for a Dying Church

See how a one day youth rally revived an aging congregation. View

Students participate in 2014 fall orientation for Southwestern College.

The UMC Education Connection: Southwestern College

Freshman orientation at college has a new attitude. Check out "builder camp." View

Kirby the Ministry Dog accompanies The Rev Arlene Tulley on pastoral visits.

Ministry Dog Puts Churchgoers at Ease

The Rev. Arlene Tully says people are always happy to see her with Kirby the Ministry Dog. View

Chuck explores the story of the Three Kings from the Gospel of Matthew.

Chuck Knows Church: Wise Men

The first visitors who came to worship the Baby Jesus are called the Wise Men or the Three Kings. View

Students grow vegetables to be served in the cafeteria at Seminary Hill Farm.

Seminary Farm Combines Theology and Ecology

United Methodist seminary offers degree programs focusing on organic farming and food justice. View

Advent Meditation: O come, Emmanuel

The human condition can, at times, be one of struggle, yet through faith, the spirit rises above even tragedy, and hope and love prevail. View

Video shows Sierra Leone missionary Beatrice Gbanga speaking on Ebola to North Texas Conference. Courtesy: Wil Murphy, North Texas Conference.

Seeing Ebola firsthand: Missionary shares her story

"It is devastating...But for me nothing is impossible for God." Beatrice Gbanga talks about the realities and the hope on the ground in Sierra Leone. View

The Rev. Noé Gonzales (left) offers Holy Communion to Kaylee Naomi Avita Guerrero. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Communion: The Meal that Makes Us One

“Take communion as often as you can. It is food for the journey.” Watch and download a meditation about the sacrament, and reflect on how it nourishes your own faith. View

Chuck Knows Church: World Communion Sunday

It's a special worship service observed by several Christian denominations, taking place on the first Sunday of every October. But, what exactly are we celebrating? Chuck explains. View

UMTV: Church Salutes Veterans

Vets and families honored with notes, photos, and more on Veterans Day. "This event means everything ... you can't thank them enough." View

Chuck Knows Church explains the meaning behind the christian symbol of the fish.

Chuck Knows Church: Sign of the Fish

Chuck says the sign of the fish is like the secret handshake of the Christian Church. View

Children bathe in water from an open pipe following Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, Philippines. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

Flowing Water: The Christian Connection

'We have reminders of baptism everywhere.' Watch and download a meditation on how water connects us with our brothers and sisters around the world. View

A man eats a chili dog at Carraway United Methodist also known as the

UMTV: Hot Dog Church

Church cooks use food for fundraisers and to welcome newcomers. 'If we can show them the love we have, maybe they’ll go to church.’ View

Hispanic man sits in church pew in Michigan. Courtesy: United Media Creations.

Being United Methodist: Hispanic/Latino Ministries

Members share their challenges, and success stories, working with neighbors. “Being Hispanic is not actually easy. It's hard sometimes.” View

Chuck Knows Church takes a pie in the face while talking about piety and mercy.

Chuck Knows Church: Piety and Mercy

Chuck explains what works of piety and mercy are and how practicing these spiritual disciplines brings us closer to God. View

Francis Asbury's Bible is part of the collection at Historic St. George's UMC in Philadelphia. Photo by Fran Coode Walsh.

Cathedral Church of American Methodism

'I think people, no matter what side of any issue you’re on, love the denomination, love our history. And this is where you can connect to it.' View

Videographer captures image of tent at Ocean Grove, NJ.

Historic Methodist Camp is ‘God’s Square Mile’

Locals lead an exclusive video tour of one of Methodism's best kept secrets, a spiritual oasis at the beach in New Jersey. View

Sheri Tyler Kimble shares a hug with Sean Siple during the giving of peace. Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS.

Becoming a Peacemaker: A Reflection

As many reel from the verdict in Ferguson, Missouri, this meditation offers a prayer and a call for United Methodists to be peacemakers in a world of strife. View

Actor portrays the Rev. Simon Blessing, an itinerant Methodist minister from the 1700s. Video image by Chris Foster.

Methodist History Comes to Life at St. George’s

Philadelphia church offers an experience in time travel for curious United Methodists. And history lessons that ring true today. View

Bishop John Yambasu talks about the direct efforts of the United Methodist Church to slow Ebola.

Bishop John Yambasu: United Methodist Efforts to Address Ebola

African bishop shares personal experiences of living under the danger of an Ebola outbreak. View

The Great Auditorium stands in the center of Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Photo by Fran Coode Walsh.

Ocean Grove’s Great Auditorium

Constructed in 90 days by ship builders in 1894, this unique house of worship in New Jersey holds a special place in United Methodist history. View

United Methodist Bishop Minerva Carcaño (right) and the Rev. Javier Leyva (standing) pray with Elmer Moreno Gonsales and his daughters Mariela (left) and Katerin

How churches can help children fleeing violence in Central America.

United Methodist churches across the United States are focused on the thousands of unaccompanied children seeking safety at the U.S. border. James Kang, Director of Communications for the California-Pacific... View

A sign outside FUMC of Bradley Beach in New Jersey welcomes neighbors for fellowship and worship.

New Church Style Brings New Members

Cooperative churches in Greater New Jersey Conference welcome new members who were affected by Superstorm Sandy. View

A Sierra Leonian volunteer with the Imagine No Malaria campaign checks on an insecticide treated mosquito net.

View from the Field: Conferences Imagine No Malaria

"I drove home from work the other day, 42 the amount of time I drove home, 42 children died." Hear what motivates those who fight malaria. View

Chuck Knows Church explains the role of lay servants or lay speakers in the church.

Chuck Knows Church: Lay Servant

He or she may fill in on the pulpit or take leadership positions in the church. Chuck explains the role of a lay servant. View

The Rev. Gene Martino, Jr. rides his horse Jacques in jousting tournament at Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Still from video by Andrew Jensen, United Methodist Communications. May 2014.

UMTV: The Jousting Pastor

Before Rev. Gene Martino became a jouster he had not spent much time in a saddle. Now he says his relationship with horses has benefited his relationship with his flock. View

James Makuac listens to Adrienne Kittos, an attorney for JFON. Image from video by Andrew Jensen.

Lost Boy finds help at Justice for Our Neighbors

He was a Lost Boy from Sudan and now faces more challenges trying to reconnect with his family. Hear how a United Methodist group is coming to his aid. View