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FAQs: Beliefs


Why does The United Methodist Church ordain women?

Clergywomen have been part of Methodism since John Wesley licensed Sarah Crosby to preach in 1761. Read More

What is the Social Creed of The United Methodist Church?

The original creed dates back to 1908. In 1972, it was completely redesigned and renamed the Social Principles. Read More

Why do we say creeds?

What is a creed in the United Methodist Church? Read More

What does The United Methodist Church teach about the second coming?

Learn what The United Methodist Church teaches about the second coming. Read More

Multi-volume edition of Wesley's Works. Photo illustration by Kathryn Price, United Methodist Communications.

How are cremation and organ donation consistent with resurrection of the body?

The United Methodist Church accepts cremation and organ donation. Is this consistent with resurrection of the body? Read More

Does The United Methodist Church believe that babies are born in sin?

The ancient teaching of the church on this is called the doctrine of original sin. Read More

What is the United Methodist view on suicide?

Learn more about the United Methodist stance on suicide. Read More

An angel in the Recoleta Cemetery located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The cemetery is located at the church of Our Lady of Pilar. Photo by Godot13, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Do United Methodists believe in saints?

What does the church say about saints? How do United Methodists honor the faithful who have died? Read More

What happens after a person dies?

Do they go directly to heaven or hell or do they go to a holding place until Christ returns to earth for the final judgment? Read More

Do United Methodists believe “once saved, always saved” or can we “lose our salvation”?

Only God can initiate salvation. But only by our ongoing, living relationship with God through faith can God's saving intention be fully realized in our lives. Read More

Does The United Methodist Church believe in universal salvation?

Learn more about The United Methodist Church belief in salvation. Read More

Where does the “Rapture” fit into United Methodist beliefs?

What is the official stance of the church on the end times? Read More

What does it mean to be saved, to accept Jesus as your personal savior?

What does this mean from a United Methodist perspective? Read More