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I am concerned about the risk of infection and hygiene issues during communion.


This Holy Mystery: A United Methodist Understanding of Holy Communion states, "In administering the elements to the people, both perception and reality of hygiene are important. The people have justifiable health concerns that the signs of the body and blood of Christ given to them at the holy meal are handled carefully and with concern for hygiene. This need for care and hygiene should be considered along with scientific studies that make it clear that those who partake in Holy Communion have no higher incidence of illness than those who do not.

Concern and planning are necessary in situations of serious illness and for accommodating at the Table those whose immune systems are compromised. The counsel of Romans 14 and 15 can guide our practice."

The General Board of Discipleship offers several resources on this issue:

Holy Communion and Concerns about Infection
Clean Hands and Pure Hearts: Hygiene and Holy Communion

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