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This international directory offers primary contact information for official organizations of The United Methodist Church and organizations affiliated with the denomination.

Regional Offices

  • Churches: is the online directory of churches in the United States. You may also locate contact information for United Methodist Churches in Africa, Europe or the Philippines.

  • Districts: A regional office that resources a particular group of churches, supervised by a district superintendent.

  • Annual Conferences: A regional office of programs and ministries. Find annual conferences in the United States, AfricaEurope and the Philippines.

  • Central Conferences: Geographical regions in Africa, Europe and the Phiippines.

  • Jurisdictions: Five geographic areas in the United States, each composed of several annual (regional) conferences.

  • Bishops/Episcopal Area: A regional office, supervised by a bishop.

  • Affiliated Churches: Find information for affiliated Methodist churches outside the United States.

Denominational Organizations

  • General Boards and Agencies: Our councils, boards, commissions that carry out denominational work.

  • Camp and Retreat Centers: United Methodist camp and retreat centers in the United States.

  • Child and Youth Services: United Methodist-related health and welfare ministries agencies that offer educational, residential, counseling and family support services.

  • National Mission Institutions: These institutions empower women, care for children, educate and build youth, look after the neglected, advocate for social justice, create economic opportunities and change neighborhoods.

  • Foundations: Organizations that support specific conference or agency related ministries.

  • Hospitals: United Methodist-related hospitals and health care facilities in the United States.

  • Older Adult Facilities: United Methodist-related nursing homes, retirement homes and other older adult services.

  • School and Seminaries: United Methodist-related seminaries, colleges, universities and precollegiate schools.



Ecumenical Organizations