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United Methodist Women take part in a witness about climate justice in 2016. File photo courtesy of UMW.

File photo courtesy of United Methodist Women

Women Who Shaped The United Methodist Church


Since the time of Susanna Wesley, women have been shaping The United Methodist Church we know today. They were pioneers in global missions and higher education, and worked to secure a greater role for women in the church and in society.  In 2019, United Methodist Women marks 150 years of commitment to issues that impact women and children around the world, and UMW members carry on the work of these foremothers in the faith. 

Learn more about these wonder women of Methodism:

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Girls' School Founder in Angola, American Suffrage Activist, Angel of Angel Island

Blind Writer of 8,000 Hymns, Filipino Educator, First African-American Bishop

First Female Bishop in Africa, Mother's Day Founders, Red Shoe Theologian

Education Powerhouse, Ellis Island Welcome Wagon, Mother of Methodism

Is there a United Methodist woman who inspires you? Let us know. 

These videos were produced by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN.
Media contact is Fran Walsh.
The videos were first posted on March 14, 2019.