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Archives & History: Connecting Church Past, Present, Future


There is a special space tucked away on the campus of Drew University in New Jersey where words and images tell the life story of The United Methodist Church. The church's General Commission on Archives and History agency is charged with guarding the denomination's collection while also providing insights that can impact the church's future. 

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The Rev. Alfred T. Day leads the agency and he stresses that this work is not static or meant to be left on a shelf. “We don’t want to be the keepers of treasures that are so sacred they need to be locked away, but make them accessible and available for people to be inspired by the stories that translate into our story and impact who we are now and who we’re living into being in the future.” 

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Visit the website for the General Commission on Archives and History.

This video was produced by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN.

Media contact is Fran Walsh, 615-742-5458.

This video was first posted on May 4, 2016.