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Who is in charge of worship in the local church?


The appointed pastor is given this responsibility. The Book of Discipline, on the responsibilities of a pastor, says the pastor is "to preach the Word of God, lead in worship, read and teach the Scriptures and engage the people in study and witness."

The Rev. Dan Benedict at the Center for Worship Resources explains, "The Discipline does give the pastor responsibility for overseeing the worship life of the congregation. Oversight, however, does not mean carelessness in relationship to things, people, and the liturgy of the church. It means engaging in dialogue and respectful choosing that honors local and historic traditions and practices along with the mission of the church in its community. It is never the pastor's worship. It is never to be just the local congregation's worship."

Some local churches elect a worship committee to work with the pastor and the music leaders in planning for and preparing the worship services.

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