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What is the United Methodist view on the consumption of alcohol?


The early work of the Methodist men and women who recognized that alcoholism was destructive to people and seized the critical issue of alcohol prevention during the early part of the twentieth century paved the way for the current public policy work on alcohol.

The contemporary United Methodist Church's positions on alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, and pornography are informed by the historical events and early action on temperance. The current positions reflect and live into first that we are created by God, valued by God, and accountable to God. Jesus' commandment, "to love your neighbors as you love yourself" and Jesus promise of "abundant life" available to all of God's children are examples of God's love for us and God's desire that we live whole and abundant lives. When addiction leads to brokenness addicts can't fully experience wellness and a whole and abundant life. The Church's faithful positions are grounded in Scripture, theology, research, education, and the best practices in prevention and recovery. Our advocacy work is aimed at changing the systems that perpetuate addiction for generation after generation. This lays the groundwork for the faithful commitment of United Methodists to take action in ending addiction around the globe.

Alcohol and Other Addictions, General Board of Church and Society

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