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The Rev. Charlie Baber, author and artist behind the Wesley Bros. comic, shares how you and I can use every one of our talents to serve God, the church, and our neighbor.

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Using All Our Gifts: Get Your Spirit in Shape


Many of us have gifts that don’t fit neatly into the typical church structure, but God has given us those talents to serve Jesus, the Church, and our neighbors.

When the Rev. Charlie Baber was about to be ordained, something felt not quite right. His aunt, a spirtual director and United Methodist deacon, prayed for him and sensed the Holy Spirit telling her that Charlie had left something behind. “Within 24 hours it hit me that what I’d left behind was my art,” Charlie tells us in this conversation, “the love for drawing comic strips.”

After a nearly 10-year hiatus, Charlie returned to his art. Soon after the Wesley Bros. comic was born.

We may have been taught that we’re “Bilbo Baggins going on this huge life quest, and God is Gandalf that has set you personally on this world-changing thing,” Charlie says. “But life does not feel like a Lord of the Rings quest. It feels like making breakfast for my kids and, just everyday normal stuff.”

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The Rev. Charlie Baber and Wesley Bros.

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This episode originally posted on July 11, 2018.