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Song celebrates links between God and Dog


Grammy Award-winning musician Barbara Bailey Hutchison lives near Nashville, Tennessee where she sings, paints, and is a member of Edgehill United Methodist Church. One of Hutchison's most requested songs is called "God and Dog" which reminds dog owners of the daily blessings four-legged companions bring to our lives. Hutchison made this video for friends and fans of all ages. Enjoy it for personal inspiration and feel free to share the link with your congregation, Sunday school class or others who might be inspired to recall the gifts of animals.

God and Dog 
(Lyrics by Wendy Francisco)

I look up and I see God
I look down and see my dog
Simple spelling G-O-D
Same word backward D-O-G
They would stay with me all day
I'm the one who walks away
But both of them just wait for me
And dance at my return with glee

They love me no matter what
Divine God and canine mutt
I take it hard each time I fail
But God forgives, dog wags his tail
God thought up and made the dog
Dog reflects a part of God
And in my human frailty
I can't match their love for me

I look up and I see God
I look down and see my dog
I've seen love from both sides now
It's everywhere, Amen, bow wow

This video was produced by Barbara Bailey Hutchison and published by United Methodist Communications. Media contact is Fran Walsh, at 615-742-5458.

This video was first posted on September 27, 2016.