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Can we have an American flag in our sanctuary?


There is no denominational policy concerning the use of flags, including national flags, in the sanctuary.  According to Rev. Dan Benedict, Center for Worship Resources, "There is no place in our hymnal or Book of Worship, which contain our United Methodist ritual, where there is even a suggestion of bearing the flag in procession, saluting or pledging allegiance to the flag, or that the American flag should be in worship."  The use of flags in worship has been discouraged over the years.

However, the Scouting Ministries office of the General Commission on United Methodist Men, “encourages the use of flags in special services, Eagle Courts of Honor and other youth agency events since they are 'sponsored' by the local church. The Christian flag reminds us of our faith. The American flag reminds us of our heritage.”

The article "Should We Have Flags in the Church? The Christian Flag and the American Flag" addresses this same question.