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Reformation Day is Oct. 31

San Francisco Area Bishop Warner Brown Jr., president of the Council of Bishops, waters a newly planted tree in the Luther Garden in Wittenberg, Germany. The Lutheran World Federation is inviting churches around the globe to plant a tree in the garden and another in their area as part of preparations for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in October 2017. Photo by Klaus Ulrich Ruof

Why Martin Luther matters to United Methodists

John Wesley took inspiration from the church reformer. United Methodists today are marking the Reformation’s 500th anniversary. Read More

Seasonal Resource

Photo shows dad with children. Courtesy of Phillip Davis Ministries.

Ways to help children understand All Saints Day

All Saints Day, November 1, is a perfect time to raise children’s awareness of the importance of love and mercy in our lives. Read More

Halloween Fun

Church Hosts Harry Potter Fans at Halloween

Each October, a Massachusetts congregation transforms their space into Hogwarts, and invites the community to spend a magical day with them. View

U.S. Election Season

Logo for Por Tanto Vota. Photo of voting buttons by Pete Linforth, courtesy of Pixabay.

‘Therefore Vote’ campaign aims to mobilize Latinos

A series of videos and discussion questions can help local churches facilitate conversations about faith and civic duty. Read More

Did you know?

Several U.S. presidents had ties to   what is now The United Methodist Church.  Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry.

Many U.S. presidents have Methodist ties

Leaders from Lincoln to FDR to Obama turned to Wesley's followers for spiritual and social aid. Read More

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

One in three women experience domestic violence. The United Methodist Church is raising awareness. Photo illustration by Ronny Perry, United Methodist Communications.

Domestic violence: “We want our churches to be talking about it”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Learn more about how people of faith can understand the problem and interrupt the violence. Read More

Global health

Dr. Omar Lamin examines a hypertension patient in his office at United Methodist Kissy Hospital in Freetown. Photo by Phileas Jusu, UMNS.

Malaria, other illnesses up since Ebola

Staff at United Methodist hospitals in Sierra Leone report increases in the number of patients with malaria, typhoid fever, hepatitis and high blood pressure since the end of the Ebola outbreak. Read More

Time for Prayer

Autumn leaves. A United Methodist Communications photo by Kay Panovec.

Today's prayers and resources

Spend some time in prayer with these resources from The Upper Room. More

Global Church

United Methodists pray with Bishop Christian Alsted, who has been re-elected to lead the church in northern Europe. His area includes Denmark, Norway, Finland (two annual conferences), Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Photo by Karl Anders Ellingsen, UMNS

Christian Alsted re-elected United Methodist bishop

Bishop in Northern Europe says the church faces new challenges in the increased migration and the denomination’s deepening divisions. Read More