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2016 General Conference

Map highlighting the United Methodist jurisdictions and annual conferences in the United States of America. Photo courtesy of United Methodist Communications

GC2016: Remaking the denomination’s map?

A number of proposals aim to change the church’s future by changing its organizational map. Read More


Chuck Knows Church looks at the story of Jesus appearing to his disciples one last time.

Chuck Knows Church: Ascension Sunday

Chuck knows church looks at Biblical story of Jesus' last visit with the Disciples. View

Daily Devotions

A bed of tulips bloom during springtime. Photo by Kay Panovec, United Methodist Communications.

Today's prayers and resources

Spend some time in prayer with these resources from The Upper Room. More

Cameroon Mission Initiative

The Rev. Ignace Mengada, pastor of Zion United Methodist Church, Obala, Cameroon, speaks at a Peace with Justice seminar. Photo by Neil Christie, United Methodist Board of Church and Society

Careless words make lifelong impact

Insulted by her parents, Marthe sought acceptance in prostitution but found refuge in church. Read More

Future Leaders

John Barclay III credits his Young Clergy Initiative-funded internship at Brunswick United Methodist Church, in Crystal, Minn., with confirming his call to pastoral ministry. He cites the chance to preach as particularly important. Photo by Sydnee Bicket for The Eli Project.

GC2016: Young Clergy Initiative up for renewal

Grant-based program to bolster young clergy ranks has produced success stories, matching funding, officials say. Read More


All baptized persons are members of their local church, the denomination, and the church universal. Photo by Mary Catherine Phillips, Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference.

Renewing waters: How United Methodists understand baptism

In baptism, we reject sin and begin our journey as disciples of Jesus Christ. Learn more of what United Methodists teach about the sacrament. Read More

Church history

Video image shows building at Strawbridge Shrine historic site in Maryland. Courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

Farmers Who Sowed Methodism in America

Get back to your United Methodist roots. Visit the Maryland farm where a circuit rider and his wife planted the faith among friends and neighbors. View

Imagine No Malaria

Video image from

Song celebrates United Methodists united against malaria

United Methodist Communications will celebrate the incredible impact of Imagine No Malaria with a special presentation at General Conference 2016. Preview song now. Read More

Who We Are

Image from video documentary, “Making the World Their Parish: The Story of Korean United Methodists.” Produced by United Methodist Communications.

History of Korean United Methodists

Documentary traces the path of Korean Methodists, from their immigration to Hawaii to the mainland of America, through rare footage and photos. Read More

The Reverend April Blaine is ordained at the West Ohio Annual Conference in 2012. Photo by Benjamin Derkin of DerksWorks Photography, courtesy of West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Celebrating 60 years of full clergy rights

On May 4, 1956 the General Conference of the (then) Methodist Church changed the church’s book of Discipline to support full clergy rights for women. Read More

Celebrating 60 years of giving hope

Kaltouma Zakaria Moussa installs a new mosquito net provided by the Nothing But Nets anti-malaria campaign at her home near Goz Beida, Chad. Nothing But Nets is Project #982015 of The Advance. Photo by Mike DuBose.Celebrating 60 years
of giving hope
By Deborah WhiteA hungry boy wandering the streets of Lithuania finds food and comfort in a United Methodist church supported by The Advance for Christ and His Church.A 20-year-old refugee turns his life around with help from the Center for Victims of Torture in Minneapolis, another project of The Advance.In Mozambique, older women find shelter and sustenance in a retirement community funded by donations to The Advance.These are just a few of many stories The Advance is sharing in 2008 as the designated-giving program of The United Methodist Church celebrates its 60th anniversary. Since its creation in 1948 amid post-war devastation, donations totaling more than $1.2 billion have supported missions and ministries around the globe.The Advance is the "second-mile" giving channel for mission -- beyond congregations' share of apportionments -- and 100 percent of each gift goes directly to a designated project. Donors can choose from a wide variety of projects including disaster relief, supplementary support for missionaries, evangelism, church development and human services.A girl in Manila, Philippines is surrounded by trash at the dump nicknamed "Smokey Mountain," where poor people look for goods to recycle. Smokey Mountain United Methodist Church, Project #11229A of The Advance, provides ministries in the area. Photo by Kathy Gilbert."Gifts -- large and small -- have built churches, dug wells, educated leaders, equipped schools and hospitals, fed and clothed children, planted trees, supported missionaries, rescued victims of wars and natural disasters and shared God's love," said Shawn Bakker, director of The Advance, in a letter introducing a new overview booklet about the giving program.A highlight of this year's celebration will be a presentation to General Conference 2008 focusing on the profound impact that The Advance has on recipients -- and on donors. "We want to try to make it real for people," Bakker said. "The goal is to see it full circle, from donors to impact of the project."The Advance's exhibit at General Conference includes new printed resources, demonstrations of the new Web site -- -- and an international marketplace with items from areas served by The Advance. "We're really trying to engage people in the work of the church," Bakker said.As it celebrates the strength of the past 60 years, The Advance is emphasizing communication and accountability.A revised structure for The Advance replaces field offices in the five U.S. jurisdictions with direct links to annual conferences. "Instead of staff being focused regionally we have staff focused on various types of ministry and various messages," Bakker said.In 2009-2012, all projects will be re-evaluated in a new selection process. Each project selected will have a profile page on the Web site and will submit annual reports.Bakker said she wants The Advance to be more accessible for congregations so they can easily find a project to support. "I would encourage congregations to explore what is their ministry passion and then find a missionary or project that relates to that."--Deborah White, associate editor, Interpreter and Interpreter OnLine How to Give to The Advance* Use the online "catalog" at  to find projects.* Write a check to your local church, including The Advance project name and code number on the check.* Write a check to "Advance GCFA," including the project name and code number, and mail to: Advance GCFA, P.O. Box 9068, New York, NY 10087-6174.* Call (888) 252-6174 to give by credit card.* Give at .New Resources for The AdvanceTo help promote The Advance, these new resources will be available in May:The Advance Overview Booklet summarizes The Advance's history and describes types of ministries supported.Stories of Sharing Booklet includes project descriptions, photos and stories about changed lives.The Advance Pocket Card lists types of ministries supported.The Advance Bookmark depicts one of many ministries supported.Beginning May 9, learn more about the resources at  or by calling (888) 346-3862, faxing (615) 742-5499, or e-mailing Read More