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In the Spotlight

Sara Dominguez works in child care at Dallas Bethlehem Center, including supervising this exuberant 20-month-old. Photo by Sam Hodges, UMNS

Dallas center experiences a resurrection

Closed in 2011, UMW mission institution reopens with diverse support from churches, community. Read More

Why did Jesus have to die?

As every Christian knows, Jesus freely died for our sins. But was there a less brutal way for God and humanity to be reconciled? Read More

Cool Ideas

Forty crosses line the front of Aberdeen First United Methodist Church.  As you walk along the sidewalk by the crosses you can see the passion, sacrifice, and resurrection of Christ symbolized in art. Photo courtesy of Aberdeen First United Methodist Church.

Cross walk creates visual journey to Easter

Forty crosses in front of Aberdeen First United Methodist Church illustrate the passion, sacrifice and resurrection of Christ through art. Read More

Promotional image from the movie

Ideas to discuss Biblical themes in “Noah” film

Find food for thought about spiritual concepts presented in the film along with a handy chart to compare the Biblical narrative with the movie script. Read More

Special for the Season

Easter Totem Pole

Easter Totem Pole

In native cultures, spiritual tradition was not only shared with words. One pastor in Alaska used wood to explain the Easter story. View

On the lighter side

Charles Wesley wins “Lent Madness”

Score one for Methodism! John's brother won votes in a unique Lenten practice that mirrors the brackets some basketball fans use during March Madness. Read More

Spiritual Living

Check your price tag

Avoid comparisons, writes Jessica LaGrone. "Your price tag does not say ‘marked down.' Your tag says, ‘Bought with a price. Loved by God.'" Read More

Staff and first generation students get together during the Academic Services Fall Open House at Adrian College.

First-generation students, mentors defy statistics

United Methodist-related colleges make higher education more accessible to students who are the first in their families to pursue a four-year-degree. Read More

In the News

Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

United Methodists prepare for annual conferences

Legislative meetings for regional conferences in 2014 also include worship, ordination and even bike rides. Read More

Daily Devotional

See today’s food for thought from the Upper Room. Visit Site