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Lent Begins

Video image from Chuck Knows Church: Ash Wednesday, courtesy of Discipleship Ministries.

Chuck Knows Church: Ash Wednesday

That little smudge on someone’s forehead means they've been to church. Learn why we start Lent with ashes. View

Women's History Month

Timeline of Women in Methodism

Learn about some amazing women who helped shape the history of the church. Read More

Responding to Tragedy

A group of residents, volunteers and staff celebrate the birthday of a boy living in the Casa delle Culture in Scicli, Italy. The facility is a joint program of the local Methodist church and Mediterranean Hope, a project of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy. Photo courtesy of MH - Casa delle Culture.

Migrants find help from Italian Methodists

On a local level, and through ecumenical groups like Mediterranean Hope, Methodists are helping Italy cope with an influx of people arriving by sea. Read More

The Rescued Help Others

Johannes Baun (from left), Rose Saffa and Mohamed Nabieu, who were helped at the Child Rescue Center, are giving back the help they received by working at the center. The rescue center was founded to care for children impoverished by the 1991-2002 Sierra Leone civil war. Photo by Phileas Jusu, UMNS.

Rescuing children in Sierra Leone

Adults rescued as children are now caring for orphaned and abandoned children at a United Methodist center in Sierra Leone. Read More

"Stop Killing The Poor"

United Methodist Bishop Rodolfo Juan, left, joined other ecumenical members of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines for a Feb. 24 press conference calling for an end to violence and a continuation of peace talks. Photo Courtesy of. the Rev Israel Painit.

Ecumenical backing for Philippines’ peace talks

United Methodist Bishop Rodolfo Juan calls for “the cessation of ongoing offensives on both sides” during a Feb. 24 press conference. Read More

A Friendly Ear

Text message about job loss. Illustration by Joe Iovino.

What not to say when someone has lost a job

The journey of unemployment can be discouraging. As a traveling companion you can help someone stay connected to their faith. See tips. Read More

Daily Devotional

Image shows bridge and trees. Photo by Kay Panovec, United Methodist Communications.

Today's prayers and resources

Spend some time in prayer today with these resources from The Upper Room. Read More

Social Issues

Church leaders attend the Safe Church Summit at Cathedral of the Rockies. Image by United Methodist Communications.

Keeping Churches Safe and Welcoming

What is your church's policy on guns in church? How do you keep children safe? A recent safe church summit started an important dialogue. View

Ask the UMC

Ask the UMC is a service of United Methodist Communications. Logo by Laurens Glass, United Methodist Communications

Ask the UMC

We have been keeping a list of intriguing questions about The United Methodist Church. Get the answers and send us your query. Ask the UMC. Read More